Janet Jackson Is Expecting First Child!

About a month ago Janet told the world she was taking a bit of  a break from her tour because she was working on having a family with her husband. At first everyone was confused because she is pushing 50 and of course people started to guess whether she was expecting, adopting, or using a surrogate to start a family.

It turns out that the singer is pregnant! Janet will be expecting her first child with her husband of two years!

In all honestly she is getting a lot of shit because she is going to be 50 and pregnant but I am sure she is listening to all of the recommendations by her doctors and  isn’t taking this lightly. Janet has expressed in the past that she wanted to be a mother and she is finally going to be able to.

Haters to the left because this baby is going to have the best sung bedtime songs of all time.

Congrats to Janet and her husband! I am sure they will make wonderful parents!

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Janet Jackson and Missy Elliot ‘BURNITUP!’ for new track

All I can say is YAASS!!! I am so happy that this song came into my life today. This has been the longest week of all time and finding out Janet and Missy came out with a song together just made it so much better. Janet is a queen as is Missy.  I mean it has been way too long since either of them released new music.

Janet is on a huge come back tour, which is pretty fucking awesome. Janet is someone who is just raw talent, yup I said it. I love her voice, and she can seriously sing. Missy is just a musical genius so everything she is a part of is magical.

This song is very Janet and I approve. I can’t wait to get drunk and dance to this song. Pretend I can dance as good as Janet and just straight up break it down.

Click here and tell me what you think! And for fun, here is another classic by the two.