Breaking News! James Lafferty Is Looking Better Than Ever!


So I was scrolling through minding my own business when I stumbled onto his Just Jared Spotlight feature and saw that he featured none other than James Lafferty. Let me tell you something. I have loved James Lafferty for over 10 years and like a fine bottle of wine he just keeps getting better looking. Let’s be real I was all about Team James rather than Team Chad.

Apparently he is in a new show called ‘Crisis’ where he is playing a smaller role than his role as Nathan Scott on the hit show ‘One Tree Hill’. In ‘Crisis’ he is playing a tutor I believe, or their chaperone, I really have no idea. I just know that he isn’t a high school student in this show. That is literally all that I know.

I believe that James Lafferty has set the standards pretty high for a boyfriend with anyone who watched ‘One Tree Hill’. He played Nathan Scott the reformed bad boy who loved the little nerdy girl, who changed for her. See that is why we all think we can change the bad boy, teen dramas! Anyway, I was almost positive that after the show ended there wouldn’t be all that much news about James Lafferty. He may be gorgeous but acting isn’t exactly his strong suit, he is pretty but not the best actor in the world. I am happy to hear he got something though!

I was going to wait and make him the man crush Monday tomorrow but I couldn’t hold off. So thank you Just Jared for posting about James Lafferty and I hope we get to see many more pictures of him sooner rather than later.

If you want to read the whole interview here is the link!


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Man Crush Monday : Theo James


Theo James is the winner of the coveted Man Crush Monday title for starring in the movie ‘Divergent’ which completely crushed the box offices this weekend. I think that it is safe to say that we will be hearing the name Theo James for a long time to come, right? Now do I think that ‘Divergent’ will get as big as Hunger Games or Twilight? I actually really hope it does. I think that the cast od actors in the movie are absolutely incredible.

Anyway, back to Theo. Look at this man, he is like a hotter version of James Franco in my humble opinion. He starred on Downtown Abbey and made all the ladies fall in love with him. He is from England which means he has a hot accent. He is also hilarious! Watch some of his interviews, he has a great sense of humor! Not to mention he is a solid 6’1 which in Hollywood standards is extremely tall.





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