Let’s Talk About The Tori Kelly & James Bay Performance At The 2016 GRAMMYs

During the GRAMMY awards last night there were plenty of incredible performances. The Lionel Richie tribute was great, Lady Gaga‘s tribute to David Bowie was magical, and Taylor Swift made us feel like we were at a 1989 concert.

Tori Kelly and James Bay’s performance was magical though. Tori’s voice is easily one of the best in the business at the moment. Her voice is so pure. There is also something so magical about only using acoustic guitars, can we agree on that? It was just two singers getting lost in the music. I will give James a lot of credit too, his voice was incredible. I didn’t expect him to be such a strong performer but I was taken by surprise.

This duet along with the Carrie Underwood and Sam Hunt duet were my favorite performances of the night.

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