Kygo & Selena Gomez Release “It Ain’t Me” Music Video !

This song is an absolute bop, I think that we can all agree on that. There is a reason it is constantly on the radio and it’s because it is so damn catchy.

Kygo stars in this video but he was able to get someone who looks an awful lot like Selena Gomez to play his girlfriend, so I will take it.

The video isn’t too bad, it’s weird as fuck but I am assuming that’s because Kygo is supposed to be on a ton of pain medicine. People say that you have trippy dreams when you’re in a coma too, I don’t know, I feel like I read that somewhere.

So watch the trippy video!

Now that you’ve read this, I truly have no idea if that guy is Kygo in the video. It looks like him, so I was guessing.


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