Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk’s First Child’s Name & Gender Revealed!

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Well shit, that didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it was going to take! I really thought that this couple was going to keep us waiting with the gender, and their child’s name.

Are you ready for this information? Are you really prepared?

Bradley and Irina welcomed a baby girl! That’s right, a beautiful baby girl, I assume at least! Now the name that they chose is actually beautiful and I am surprised with the double last name.

E! News confirms that they named their daughter Lea de Seine Shayk Cooper.

Congrats to the happy family, maybe we will get a photo sooner rather than later!

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Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk Welcome First Child Together!

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Bradley Cooper is officially a DILF! In all fairness, Irina is also a MILF!

Bradley and Irina began dating during 2015, not too sure and Irina revealed her pregnancy back in November 2016 when she walked the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. That’s right, she was pregnant and still able to walk a runway.

According to People magazine, the couple welcomed their child two weeks ago. No word on the name or gender of their child. The couple is fairly private so I am assuming we won’t know for a while.

Mom and baby are doing great though!

Congrats to the happy couple and congrats on that genetically gifted child!

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Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk Expecting Their First Child

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Reports are saying that Bradley Cooper is going to be a father for the first time! Reports are saying that Irina Shayk is pregnant with their first child together.

The couple have been together almost two years now and have been notoriously private. When they first started to date it was very under wraps, Bradley has been extremely private with his personal life for a long time now.

It wouldn’t surprise me if we don’t get a confirmation until Irina is about to pop and can’t hide that baby bump any longer.

Congrats to the happy couple! Bradley had opened up about wanting children and it is a beautiful thing! Irina is also a beautiful woman, so congrats to that baby on it’s genetics.

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