Watch Jennifer Aniston Try To Stop Vanessa Bayer’s Rachel Green Impression

The one where Jennifer Aniston tries to stop Vanessa Bayer’s Rachel Green impression. Get it? Like how all of the ‘Friends’ titles were, no? Okay.

Vanessa has done her Rachel Green impression for a while now and it’s pretty hysterical. It is very on point and well, Jennifer Aniston wants to put a stop to it. Of course it is all in fun but it was pretty great to watch the two of them go back and forth. It literally sounded like Jennifer fighting Jennifer and it’s pretty perfect.


The two star in ‘Office Christmas Party’ which will be in theaters on December 9th!

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Christina Aguilera Does Britney Spears Impression on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

Christina Aguilera and Jimmy Fallon play Wheels of Impressions

Alright first things first, I have a new love for X-Tina that I wasn’t even aware was there. She absolutely slayed the three impressions that she was given by Jimmy Fallon. I will say, I still do not like Jimmy Fallon, he tries too hard. X-Tina on the other hand kills it.

Her Britney impression is so on point it is scary, it is genuinely a bit terrifying how much she sounds like her former rival. They can say that they weren’t rivals, but we all know the truth, they were rivals.

Just take a look for yourself because the impression is incredible.