Watch Fifth Harmony Slay Acoustic Version Of “I’m In Love With A Monster”


Want to know why I am worried about this band? Now, they will have no issue having hit after hit, I am sure of that. They all have incredible voices. I am nervous because there is just too much talent between all the girls. I mean seriously. They can all SING, I put that in capital letters because hot damn. These ladies are great, incredible, spectacular.

I hope their next album has some serious ballads to show off the vocal range of these ladies. Let’s be real, club music with beats are fun and all but the people who continue to stick around sing heartfelt ballads.

Fifth Harmony Release New Song Entitled ‘I’m In Love With A Monster’

I am going to tell you what scares me about this band, before I post the video. There is too much talent. For one group there is just too much talent! They can all sing, they are all beautiful, I mean that is a recipe for disaster. I mean you can ask me why and I will tell you. Eventually they will all want to be the star, but in reality they could all be stars on their own. They might realize that and break up. Now listen. I don’t care if One Direction break up but Fifth Harmony are my girls! They can’t break up!

This song is a banger though. These girls are just throwing out hit after hit. The video is a little sexual considering the song is for a children’s movie but whatever, they have to grow up sometime, right?

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