Britney Spears, Drake, Usher, & More To Headline IHeart Radio Music Festival

It looks like this years IHeart Radio Music Festival may be the best yet. I mean just look at that lineup, and there will be more artists named in the upcoming weeks. So this is just the start of the amazing lineup that will be performing for the two nights in Vegas.

Britney Spears, Sam Hunt, Usher, Sting, and Sia, all in one night? Or well, two nights? That is something that I can barely wrap my head around.

The only bad thing about this festival is that you can basically only win your way in. This was created so people listen to the radio again and call in to win. Hey, I will do it though! Count me in on that because I need to go to this!

Can’t wait to see who else gets added to this lineup and then watch the concert that will probably be reaired sometime in like November on The CW.

Do you like this lineup?

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Demi Lovato & Brad Paisley Perform ‘Stone Cold’ At The 2016 IHeart Music Awards

Whenever Demi preforms anywhere, she steals the show. At the GRAMMY’s she only sang about a 30 second snippet of a Lionel Richie song and everyone talked about it for a week. Demi is the real deal and I wish that she got more air time than she does, she genuinely deserves it. Demi’s voice will go down in history as one of the best female vocalists of all time. For some reason she doesn’t get as much attention as say Selena but Demi’s voice is chilling, it is just so incredible.

Demi, thank you for your voice.

I couldn’t find a full video but here are some clips, I mean just the way that Brad looks at her near the end of her performance, my lawd! He knows how insanely powerful it is. Even Justin Timberlake went on stage after her and complimented Demi’s voice. That’s right, the legendary JT talked about her voice.

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Jake Miller Looks Dapper On The 2016 IHeart Music Awards Red Carpet

In case you didn’t know this, Jake Miller is the next big thing in music, I am telling you this right now. I mean he is obviously extremely good looking but with his talent I am going to say that he will be on the airwaves this summer. This summer I am almost positive that he will come out big.

I don’t know what song will explode but I am hoping that it is his song ‘Rumors’, by far one of his best songs if you ask me.

He is potentially the rap Zac Efron, feel me? No? Whatever, I don’t even care. He is hot and is incredible talented, what more could you want?

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