Shakira Makes $15 Million Donation To Haiti After Hurricane Matthew

Shakira, Shakira! Look at her go and do something incredible with her money. I feel like people forget that Shakira is one of the biggest artists in the world, and her global success defintiely brings her in millions every year. Now I know that rich people donate to charity for tax write offs, everyone knows that. Atl east she is putting her money somewhere good though. I always love to see celebrities and wealthy people put their money towards acts of kindness, even if it is a tax break.

This is quite the donation though, right? Shakira is coming in big with the $15 million donated while Facebook doesn’t even make a profile picture filter to help support the country that has been left in shambles.

Keep being incredible Shakira!

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Chelsea Handler Donates 100k To Those Affected By Hurricane Matthew

To help those affected by Hurricane Matthew, visit or text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10. I just donated 100k. Please give whatever you can.

Chelsea Handler rarely announced when she donates which is why I wanted to write about this. She is one of the most charitable celebrities who people don’t really talk about much. So I want to talk about it!

Obviously Hurricane Matthew hit the Caribbean and Florida hard, and there is going to be a ton of cleanup, unfortunately people did lose their lives due to the storm, so we should help! We should donate anything we can in order to help those in need!

I know there are some people who aren’t a big fan of the Red Cross, go find another way to help. Any donate will help!

Hopefully more celebrities follow Chelsea’s lead!

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