Jennifer Lawrence Is Funny Again!


So for a while now Jennifer Lawrence has been boring, she hasn’t been the wild woman we are all used to. She has been hiding away with Chris Martin and just being boring. Now here she is being her old self, the self that made her famous. Now I used to love J.Law, I thought that she was awesome. Then I realized that her goofy spirit is most likely an act. Now I am not saying she is a mean person or anything, just at the last Oscars I couldn’t stand her. Now here she is being a goof again.

What movies does she have coming out? There has to be something, right? I mean that is why she is back to being this crazy self that she wants the world to see.

Get wild J.Law, I see you girl and even if it is all an act, you are smart to put it on right now.

Rest In Peace Philip Seymour Hoffman


So right now the entertainment world is mourning a loss of a very important member of the acting community. Philip Seymour Hoffman was easily one of the greats in the acting world at this very moment. He has shown his abilities in both action movies, dramas, and even comedies.

Here is to hoping that people don’t judge him for how he passed away, remember this actor of his incredible abilities to move you to tears in his movies. It has been clear for years that Seymour had trouble with drugs but he went to rehab to try and get help, he made an effort to get help. You must condone him for doing that.

Philip Seymour Hoffman will be remembered as one of the greatest actors of our time and at this moment I hope that his family can find comfort in the fact that the world is sending their thoughts and prayers to a beloved actor.

Rest in sweet paradise Philip Seymour Hoffman, I hope you finally found happiness.

Catching Fire: Red Carpet Review.


Now by a red carpet review I simply mean this one photo that this cast has taken since the first red carpet event for the Hunger Games. This picture infuriates me for many reasons. Number one, Josh Hutcherson’s height. Now people can say that it is cute that he is little but guess what, it isn’t, not when the rest of the leads are 5’9 and taller. Picking a leading man who is shorter than the leading lady is never a smart move, even if he does fit the role. Anyway, I also hate that it is always in this order, Tallest to shortest, why not the other way around? Or put baby Josh Hutcherson in the middle? I know that this post is pretty pointless but it bothers me. I will post my favorite picture though just for your viewing pleasure. It isn’t from a red carpet but rather an awards show.