Allow Demi Lovato To Bless Your Day By Covering Hozier’s ‘Take Me To Church’

(bbc radio)

Just in case anyone forgot this girl can SING! Dear Lord Demi  , you just took me to church! I mean ‘Cool For The Summer’ is a fun summer song and everything, she doesn’t display her vocals too much but holy guacamole Demi absolutely slayed this cover!

I personally love whenever Demi does covers. She is always so freaking good, her ‘Give Me Love’ cover gives me life!

Demi’s voice has matured so much and she absolutely killed it. The depth in her voice and the emotion that she put into the song is absolutely incredible.

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Natalie Dormer Stars In Hozier’s Music Video For ‘Someone New’

Oh Hozier, oh Natalie Dormer, two people that I absolutely adore. I truly mean that too. I love Hozier’s music, ‘Jackie and Wilson’ is easily my favorite song of his, but this one is up there. Natalie Dormer just looks like a badass walking around in leather at night. I guess she is supposed to be day dreaming about her wildest fantasies and she falls in love with every person she sees? Something like that. Either way, the song is great, the video is great! Natalie Dormer is perfect. Hozier kills it. The end!