Simon Cowell Will Take Over For Howard Stern On ‘America’s Got Talent’

Yes! Simon Cowell is going to be a judge on an American show again and I couldn’t be happier about it! Howard Stern was great on the show, I mean he is hilarious but I do love me some Simon. I am oddly attracted to Simon Cowell too, but that isn’t the point of this story.

Simon has been doing the whole ‘X-Factor’ thing over in Britain and even brought it to America but it failed after only three seasons. I personally wouldn’t call it a complete fail though, I mean Fifth Harmony came from there and they are pretty awesome.

Anyway, I think Simon is the perfect addition to the show and I can’t wait to see him roll his eyes and talk about how someone has no talent.

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Ryan Phillippe Gives Lap Dance To Luckiest Woman Alive

ImageSo you know what, I think that we can all agree that in the 90’s the two hottest actors, well young actors wee Freddie Prinze Jr and Mr. Ryan Phillippe. Ryan was a bit of a bad boy though, he always had an edge about him that made him so so sexy. Now being 40 years old want to know something? Ryan Phillippe is still fucking gorgeous, just look at that picture. Look at that mans muscles! I always thought him and Justin Timberlake looked alike but he aged much better than Justin did.

Apparently this woman is Robin Quivers but I would like to call her the luckiest woman alive for a few different reasons. Number 1, she got a lap dance from Ryan Phillippe, I would pay good money for that. By good money I mean a few thousand dollars if I had it. Number 2 she is also one of the only people Howard Stern wont make fun of. That is a big deal, right?

This all went down at Howard Stern;s birthday party too, I kind of wish that Ryan was giving a lap dance to Howard though, that would be priceless.

Anyway, keep looking amazing Ryan Phillippe and keep doing whatever you are doing because obviously it is  really working for you. Like a fine glass of wine you only get better with age.