Viola Davis Receives Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame!

I am kind of in awe that it took this long for Viola Davis to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She is truly one of the greatest actors out there. I am not just saying that either. Everything I have seen her in, even ‘Suicide Squad’, she has been such a badass and gives her all in every performance.

There is a lot of buzz in Viola’s performance in the movie ‘Fences’ where she stars alongside Denzel Washington. She will probably win an Oscar for it, making it her second Oscar.

Meryl Streep was there for the honor and handed Viola her plaque. Two legends, that’s for sure.

Truthfully, there are few people more deserving than Viola, someone who can act on television and in movies.

Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

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Man Crush Monday: Matthew Cohen

Matthew Cohen, what can I say about this man? I mean he has an incredible body, gorgeous eyes, and is a great actor. Plus his smile is absolutely incredible.

Now, some people may think he is a bit random for the coveted Man Crush Monday spot but I say, sit down. Matthew was just cast for the upcoming season of ‘How To Get Away With Murder’. We all know that this could mean one or two things. Number one he could die, I mean Shonda Rhimes doesn’t care about characters and will kill people off no problem, or he will be a season regular and then die.

Anyway, Matt has been around for a while. My personal favorite role for him was when he was on ‘South of Nowhere’ as Aiden. God he was so perfect there. He even married his co-star Mandy Musgrave and they have a little baby boy together. Matt was also in ‘Supernatural’, and goes to conventions for the show regularly. I have never watched it but I hear the Fandom loves Matt as much as I do.

I will say there aren’t many men who can pull of literally every haircut. Short hair, longer hair, buzz cut, he can pull them all of.

Happy Monday everyone! Here are a few pictures of our man Matt, and if you have any suggestions for next weeks Man Crush Monday let me know on Celebrities Are Tragic !