For $20,000 A Night You Can Live Like Kevin Jonas?


So above I posted a link to this weird as fuck listing that Kevin Jonas put up for a bunch of randoms can rent his house, well his old house, for the SuperBowl? I am literally so confused as to why this is happening. I understand that they moved out of this house but are they strapped for cash? Why the fuck are they doing this? They meaning Kevin and Danielle Jonas, I just, I literally cannot understand.

After reading it sounds like he really wants people to stay at his house, maybe he wants to party before the baby comes! Can you imagine Kevin Jonas at a football party though? In his tiny voice he would yell things that didn’t even make sense. There is a reason that Nick and Joe are constantly out hanging around LA without their brother Kevin. It isn’t because he is getting ready for a baby either. Kevin Jonas has always been questionable and it is kind of sad that Danielle has yet to see it.

They apparently have a huge wine cellar along with a nice 3D cinema and a ton of other useless bullshit. You should sleep on the bed where Kevin Jonas lost his virginity though, that is pretty wild right?

So uh, if this is your thing, go for it! If you stay there please tell me everything about it, Please, please, please.