Hoodie Allen And Ed Sheeran Team Up For ‘All About It’ Music Video!

So if you follow my blog at all you will see a recent interest in Hoodie Allen simply because I have recently discovered him and his music. Right away I became a huge fan and you know what, I am going to continue to support his music! For my previous post about him, he actually favorited it on Twitter, so I was pretty pumped about it.

In this video you have the ever so beautiful Hoodie Allen but you also have the ever so talented Ed Sheeran. I am so happy that these two came together for this video. I mean it doesn’t get much better than that, right?

I don’t understand the music video but I don’t care! I love this song, put it on repeat, let’s get wild!

Honestly, why isn’t this stuff on the radio? That is a fair question right?

Man Crush Monday: Hoodie Allen


So I think it is safe to say that I have a new celebrity crush when it comes to Hoodie Allen, I have been a fan for a few years but after his latest album, I became an even bigger fan. Between listening to “No Interruptions” or “No Faith In Brooklyn” I fell in love with the way he writes his lyrics. Then eventually one day I googled him and well saw his face. I am a big fan of that as well.

I hope that Hoodie makes it to the radio sooner rather than later because he genuinely deserves all of the credit and fame in the world! I genuinely think that he would be the kind of artist to stick to his roots too which is something I also love about the man!

Let’s be real though, look at those blue eyes, how can you not love them?




Hoodie Allen Streams Entire New Album ‘People Keep Talking’ On YouTube For Fans!

So I am an absolutely huge fan of Hoodie Allen, I don’t understand why he isn’t on every single radio station. I mean that too! I mean he is kind of like Ed Sheeran just with more flow, and less love songs. He is just fucking awesome. He posted this link for his album so his fans that are low on funds could stream the whole thing and buy it when they could.

Anyway, I would highly recommend checking out the stream and then buying the album because Hoodie is super talented!