Benji Madden & Cameron Diaz Are Still Going Strong!

Do you ever sometimes forget a couple is married and then you see them together and it surprises you all over again?

That is how I feel about Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz.

These two crazy kids have been married since 2015 after dating for a short time, and they are still going strong.

Still don’t understand how this couple works but hey, stranger things have happened. I mean once Benji dated Paris Hilton, that’s weird as fuck. Cameron dated Jared Leto for forever before they broke up. See, they have been in weird relationships before this weird one.

Nice to see them still together though, for some reason, I root for them.

Weird love, it’s the best.

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Are Zendaya & Odell Beckham Jr Dating?

Grammys 2016: Zendaya and Odell Beckham Jr. Spotted at Grammy Awards Afterparty

It looks like we have a hot new young Hollywood couple on our hands! Rising star Zendaya and football star were spotted together at the Universal Music Group’s 2016 Grammy Awards afterparty on Monday night!

Odell was linked to Amber Rose in the past but the two of them never made any serious appearances like this. Zendaya is 19 and Odell is 23, so it is potentially a beautiful young couple in the making.

Zendaya’s rep did not return People magazines calls, but according to the article the two were arm in arm together. They didn’t even break apart when the photographers asked for single photos!

If this is a new couple, congrats to them! They are both young, rich and beautiful so why not enjoy it, right?

Also can Zendaya do any wrong? She rocked a mullet on the red carpet and went home (possibly went home) with one of the hottest players in the NFL, good for you girl!

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Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Couple Up For Adele Concert

Date night: New squeezes Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom enjoyed a romantic date night at the Adele concert at The Wiltern in Los Angeles on Friday evening

Last night Adele performed at The Wiltern in Los Angeles and the stars sure did come out to play. Everyone from Jennifer Lawrence and Wood Harrelson to Robbie Williams and Tom Hanks. This couple stuck out to be though. Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry. Apparently they have been dating since sometime around the Golden Globes.

The couple have been seen holding hands since then but opted to go for the separate entrance tragedy but cameras caught them leaving together. Just far enough a part where you could think that Orlando was leaving at the same time, but wasn’t with the group. Perfectly staged moment.

It’s been said that these two have been friends for a long time but just recently decided to try dating. If you can remember Orlando was caught up in a maybe weird love triangle with Justin and Selena while Katy had a very on and off relationship with John Mayer.

It looks like we have a new, hot Hollywood couple!

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Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively Are Relationship Goals

The other night Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds took to the red carpet for a ‘Deadpool’ event and stunned, like always. This couple is genuinely beautiful. Yup I said it. Ryan Reynolds is a beautiful man and Blake Lively is a beautiful woman, that is all that needs to be said. They are relationship goals if I have ever seen. They have been able to keep their little baby James private, they have been able to keep most of their relationship private, and are only seen together when they want to be seen together.

By the way, this was their first public appearance since their little girl James made her way into this world. They were all smiles too. I mean who wouldn’t be smiling? Whether I was on the arm of Blake or Ryan I would be cheesing it up for the cameras.

In  case you were wondering ‘Deadpool’ is in theaters on Friday and will probably be #1 at the box office.

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Are Sean Penn & Minka Kelly Hollywood’s Newest Couple?


Sean Penn and Charlize Theron called it quits just 2 weeks ago, and he’s already doing his laundry with another hot chick.

These pics were taken last Tuesday at French Laundry, the uber-fancy/delicious/exclusive restaurant in the Napa Valley. Sean was celebrating Minka Kelly‘s 35th birthday, along with 3 other people.

They were by no means hush hush … people at other tables heard Sean tell the other 3 he and Minka met at a Haiti charity event.

They had a feast to end all, with a chicken with the feet still attached, truffle mac and cheese and a birthday cake. The people at Sean’s table, along with others in the restaurant, serenaded Minka to “Happy Birthday.”

Sean picked up the tab … and it was pricey.

Minka has not mentioned Sean, but after the dinner she Instagrammed, “Birthday festivities off to a pretty magical start.”

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I will never understand the attraction to Sean Penn. Sure he goes around to Haiti and raises money, but I am pretty sure he is a complete asshole. I mean I am pretty sure he beat up Madonna back when they were dating. Just seems like a really nasty guy to be around.

Somehow he has been able to date the hottest women in Hollywood, well Charlize Theron and now maybe Minka Kelly? That makes absolutely no sense! What is happening to this world?! Minka you were dating Derek Jeter, now you are maybe with Sean Penn? Such a strange turn.

On another note, how is Minka Kelly 35? She doesn’t look a day older than 24.

Carrie Underwood & Husband Mike Fischer Announce They Are Expecting!

Photo: Carrie Underwood announces her pregnancy with the help of her two dogs:

I am about to sound like a real serious stalker at the moment but I am extremely happy for this couple! Is it weird to say that I have been waiting for this for a while? Probably but I just don’t care! Today on Instagram, Carrie posted this photo of her and her pups announcing that her and her husband of four years Mike Fischer would he expecting a little one of their own. How perfect is this? I mean just look at the adorable little t-shirts that they are wearing!

Truth be told I know that I said that Kelly Clarkson’s child was going to be American royalty but let’s be real. When Carrie has this baby, it will be like Prince George except in the country world. Of  course it probably means that there won’t be any new music any time soon which is a bummer, but hey, she has good reason!

I don’t often get excited about celebrity babies just because let’s be real, being pregnant is kind of boring. Yes you are creating a life which is extremely cool but you can’t do anything fun! No trampolines, no alcohol, and no sushi, just craziness! Maybe she can still record music though? Yeah I am still on that subject in case you were wondering.

Anyway, congrats to the happy couple and I wish them nothing but happiness in the nine months, or however long to come! Thanks for being one of my favorite celebrity couples and being adorable!

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt Are The Cutest Couple Of All Time

ImageJohn Kransinki and Emily Blunt are easily the cutest married couple in the world. Look at how cute these two are. These two little married love birds just had a beautiful little girl and now look at them. Just walking with their arms wrapped all around each other and being in love. I have a feeling that John Krasinski is the sweetest man in the world. He was perfect as Jim.

Just a happy little picture of a happy couple, I was going to say little couple but John is a jolly green giant.