Watch Kate McKinnon’s Cold Open Of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”

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Kate McKinnon is absolute gold, let me start off by saying that. The woman has so many talents and is one of the best things to come out of SNL in a while. The show of course had their fun during the election, but now they had to basically face the reality of a Donald Trump presidency.

In my personal opinion, they handled it perfectly.

A tearful tribute to both Leonard Cohen and Hillary Clinton.

Beautifully done.

Kate concluded the performance by saying “I’m not giving up and neither should you.” As many people know Kate is an open member of the LGBTQ community, so hopefully this gives people just a small glimmer of hope.

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My Final Thoughts On Election 2016

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I would like to start off by saying one thing. I am not pro-Trump and I am not pro-Hillary. I am pro-humanity, in my opinion social issues are at the very top of my list. As I go into my ramble, I am sure it will simply seem like an attack on Trump, but it is not meant to be. I am simply writing about how I feel, what I have seen since the election started, and how I hope and pray that this country can come together.

After this post, I will also go back to writing about celebrity gossip and only mentioning Trump or Hillary if they are Ellen or any of the late night James/Jimmy programs.

For the past year, or however long it has been this election has taken over our lives. From social media to television, this election has been in your face and it has been intense. Whether it is Trump saying that he wants to build a wall, bringing up the DNC and how they rigged it so Hillary could run for President, or your neighbor posting about how he doesn’t want his guns taken away from him. This is what we have been dealing with. Everything in your face and people not understanding clickbait, reading headlines rathe than doing research, believing fake memes, it’s been a real shit show.

Now that it is over, I have done my best to collect my thoughts, I have read so many different posts on social media, and I have really done some reflecting. I voted for Hillary, she wasn’t my first choice but I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Trump. I decided I wanted to go with who I thought would be better for humanity. For the record, I have voted both Republican and Democratic, so the use of the new coined phrase “libtard” can’t apply to me. Well, I guess it could but I won’t accept that label.

I know what you are thinking right now, another millennial about to talk about their feelings. Maybe you’re going to call me a crybaby or tell me to go to my “safe space”. Let me be the first to say, fuck you. Feelings are allowed, you’re allowed to be upset about things that directly affect people that you know. If you don’t know anyone who could potentially be affected, then that is great for you. But you also have blinders on.

Sitting here writing this, I keep telling myself that this can’t be the America that I love. The America that I have always been so proud to stand up for. The America that I saw come together after the Twin Towers fell, the America that I saw support Boston when the marathon bombings happened, the America that supported LGBTQ communities after the Pulse nightclub shooting.

America is currently frightened. They are scared of fucking everything. They don’t want to lose their guns, they don’t want to lose their jobs, it is a scary time. Considering I am a recent college grad who has yet to land a good paying job and I have $35,ooo in debt. It’s scary. Trump tapped into the fear with many Americans.

I am seeing a lot of posts about God lately, a lot of posts about God with this election. People are saying that there is no God or that God picked the right candidate. They believe that with Trump, God will be back in the White House, no one will sit for the National Anthem anymore, and every school will say the Pledge of Allegiance again.

My God is a loving God. I believe in loving others, love thy neighbor. Many members of my family are Trump supporters, but at the end of the day I still love them. I will still hug them at family events and I will continue to support them in whatever ventures that they choose.

I love the LGBTQ community, many of my close friends are a part of that community and they are scared. They have a right to be frightened if you look at Mike Pence’s stance on how he feels about the LGBTQ community. You are not alone, that is the one thing that I wish I could tell everyone that needs to hear it. You are not alone, your allies are here for you and we stand by you.

I love my Muslim brothers and sisters that are not a part of the radical Islamic culture that this country has painted. To the ones who are going to be afraid to wear their hijab in public due to fear of ridicule.

I love all victims of sexual assault who see the man who assaulted them moving into the Oval Office. Here is where someone brings up Bill Clinton and how Hillary stood by his side right? Mmelania stood by Trump’s side as well, don’t forget that. A man who has a long history of cheating on his wives, talking down to women, it could be Bill or Donald, but Bill wasn’t the one running for President.

I pray that children don’t listen to the hateful rhetoric that has been spilled all over the media. I pray that children remain innocent and don’t judge their fellow classmates due to race, religion, or looks. I have already heard of students telling other students that they are no longer welcome in this country now that we are living in Trump’s America. May their teachers, parents, and other adults find strength to correct them and remind them that this country was founded on immigrants, and the fact we live in this melting pot makes America great.

We were trying to smash the glass ceiling but unfortunately, the country decided that we wanted to build a wall instead.

On November 9th, Trump won. Trump is going to be the next President of the United States. Do I respect him? No. Do I think a grown man who isn’t allowed to use his own Twitter should be given the power to decide if I can get an abortion or not? No. Do I respect the position that he is about to hold? Yes. It is a very hard pill to swallow but the electoral college voted and he is the next President. A man who decided to be an outsider, a man who based a campaign on fear is now promising to bring America together. I pray that he does that to. I pray that he was all talk and considering his Democratic background, we must hope and pray that his views change on social issues, and can change his rhetoric.

All that you can do now is focus on yourself, focus on the ones you love, and continue to spread the word of love. It doesn’t matter if you voted for Stein, Trump, Clinton, Johnson, or fucking Harambe,  we must continue to move forward.

Personally, I will continued to support LGBTQ rights, I will continue to rally for stricter gun laws, and I will continue to do what I can in the fight against Global Warming.

I needed to get all of that off of my chest, thank you for reading if you did. I know, get back to writing about celebrity drama, right? I just felt like I had this writers block until I unloaded all of this.

I see you as a person, not as a vote. I don’t see you as a Republican, Independent, or Democrat. I judge people based on their actions and words not on their vote.

Please remember though, this world is full of good people. Even if times of darkness we rise up. Life is precious, any moment it can be taken away from you. Live life in the most positive way that you can. If you feel despair, take in a deep breath and exhale it. Don’t hold onto that anger. It’s okay to feel it, but don’t hold onto it for too long. .

I know we can’t all get into a group hug and fix this country, this world isn’t full of rainbows and puppies. Start with yourself, speak up, hug the ones you love, and fight like hell.

Don’t let this world make you cold.

For the record, I am taking myself out of the narrative of this country. If you don’t know what the means, I suggest you do your research before you get lost in it.

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Eminem Releases New Song “Campaign Speech”!

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Eminem is back and he is back to his angry music! Yes! The last few albums that Eminem has released haven’t been my favorite but this song? I like this song, I can get behind this song. It’s pretty vulgar, but that’s Eminem.

Is this is best song? No, but it is very wordy, something that Eminem is known for. For years he has talked about politics in his songs look at “M.O.S.H” and “White America”, so it isn’t a surprise that he wants to speak out on this campaign.

How can one man make so many words work though? Words are Eminem’s thing, you can’t deny that.

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Elizabeth Banks Brings “Pitch Perfect” Inspired ‘Fight Song’ To The DNC

Is it weird that I feel like the Democratic National Convention was the greatest pep rally of all time? I feel like I shouldn’t feel this way but I do. I mean it brought Demi on stage, Eva Longoria, Elizabeth Banks, and many, many more celebrities. It is literally just a hype show for the DNC.

The most important thing it did though? The very most important thing? It brought Mandy Moore‘s voice back into my life. Mandy needs to make a comeback and she needed to make one yesterday! I don’t think that she is going to make a comeback with singing but she is in a new show.

Anyway, back to the song. Let’s fucking go, right? I mean I am kind of over ‘Fight Song’ but then I hear it and realize that I am not over it at all. Rachel Platten is my homegirl, really look up her backstory, you’ll love her even more.

For the record, not trying to make this political, I understand Elizabeth says that the song is for Hillary, but anything accapella just gets me going. You can’t hate me for that!

Shout out to Ester Dean for that breakdown at the end though, you go girl.

Also I have to give a shout out to all the girls from “Pitch Perfect” being in it, the ones that didn’t have many lines but still down that they can sing and were in fact in the movie.

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Hillary Clinton is Barbara Walters’ most fascinating person of 2013.


You know, I really didn’t see this coming, I really didn’t. I completely forgot that they always keep the first person a secret so hell, I thought that I knew all of the people! Surprise, I was wrong! Barbara is all about having Hillary run for President and I think that would be pretty cool. I think that it is time for a woman President just to make sure that everything happened. She is saying that her hardest times were her personal times, losing her parents. She didn’t talk about the whole Bill Clinton getting head in the Oval Office which kind of sucked right? I mean that must have been absolutely terrible for her, she needs to really open up about that shit!

I don’t pay too much attention to politics, I think that our country is fucked no matter what. Anyway, I like the way that Hillary holds herself, she is very professional and I love that. Hillary is a strong woman and it is important to have strong women in the media.