Hilary Duff Makes It Instagram Official With Trainer Boyfriend Jason Walsh

Since her divorce I feel like Hilary Duff has been very low key about her love life and all of that. I mean she is back in the spotlight which is awesome but her personal life has been kept personal. Remember, this is the girl who survived being a Disney star and didn’t really go too wild. She had her issues of course but she always seemed to be humble and all of that. So needless to say, homegirl has a good head on her shoulders.

It looks like she is ready to come clean about her new love though!

She is currently dating hottie trainer Jason Walsh and he trains everyone, I mean everyone. According to his Instagram he has worked with Miles Teller, Matt Damon for the ‘Jason Bourne’ movies, and Justin Theroux, just to name a few.

So good work Hilary, now can we get some more new music? Please and thank you.

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Date night with J ❤️

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Hilary Duff Dyes Her Hair Pink, Purple, and Silver

So I feel like it is 2004 again talking about Hilary Duff but somehow she managed to become relevant again. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved “Lizzie McGuire” but I was always jealous of this chick. I mean she dated Aaron Carter and she dated Frankie Muniz! Leave some of the early 2000 hotties for me Hilary!

Alright, look at this hair though, what is she doing? What does she think she is doing with this crazy hair? She just had that aqua hair that Kylie Jenner has, or had, I can’t keep track. Now she is going all buckwild with this hair? I mean I get it Hilary you are excited to be back in the limelight, but then again I don’t get it. Why? Why you gotta play these games with your hair color? Go back to being blonde, like how I remember you!

Congrats on being relevant again, I don’t know how you did it, yet I am proud of you. I have no reason to be proud, but I am.

Please go back to blonde, do it for the children.

Hilary Duff Hints at Losing Virginity to Joel Madden

Many fans have been fixated on when (and with whom) the newly single mom first lost her virginity. 

“I had a 26-year-old boyfriend,” Duff said of Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden, whom she dated from ages 16 to 19. “So everyone can make their own assumptions about what I was doing.”
Read more: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/hilary-duff-losing-virginity-massive-friend-cleanse-2015163#ixzz3UbLx4RjD

Well before Kylie and Tyga, there was Hilary and Joel. One of the oddest couples to ever occur during my time of watching celebrity gossip. I actually tried to erase this weird couple from my memory. I mean, I was about 14 and realized that a 16 year old shouldn’t have been dating someone ten years older than them. It was much like when Lindsay Lohan dated Wilmer Walderrama. It was just a weird time in the life of me, and in the life of Hilary.

I feel like she shouldn’t be talking about this out loud though, I mean they have been broken up for over a decade. At least say that you were 16 when you lost your virginity, you don’t need to call Joel out for it. Not that it really matters now, Joel is happily married with two kids. Hilary is happily divorce with one kid. Just straight up ancient history.

Hilary, I also wouldn’t admit to having sex with Joel Madden, ever. Say you lost your virginity to Frankie Muniz or Aaron Carter, that would have been much better!

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Hilary Duff Releases Second Single “All About You” After It Was Leaked

Growing up I was one of those girls who disliked Hilary Duff simply because I was jealous of her! I mean she was the coolest, right? Not only did she have her own show but she dated both Aaron Carter and Frankie Muniz, two of the hottest hotties of the time! She also sang the theme song to my absolute favorite reality show, Laguna Beach, yup she had it all going for her.

I must admit hearing her music makes me feel reminiscent of middle school and early high school, then she just stopped until now. Hilary’s first release was “Chasing The Sun” and I wasn’t a huge fan. I was expecting more for her big come back even though it did sound very similar to Sheryl Crow, I just wasn’t feeling it. Then I heard this song and let me tell you, I am a fan.

I think that this whole Hilary Duff comeback is going to be really important to music! I mean that too! I mean everyone has pop covered, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, we need more of the earthy type of songs, like Colbie Caillat. She is in a basically open market! 

Let’s go Hilary, don’t leave me hanging after a few good songs like you did before!

Aaron Carter Can’t Get Over Hilary Duff?


Singer Aaron Carter has set his sights on winning back his teenage sweetheart Hilary Duff following her marriage split from former ice hockey player Mike Comrie.

  Carter dated theactress/singer in the early 2000s, but they split amid rumors he had become embroiled in a love triangle with fellow child star Lindsay Lohan.

  The pop star has regretted his actions ever since and has continued to profess his desire to reunite with Duff, and now she is separated from Comrie, he is hoping to give their relationship another go.

  Carter, 26, took to his Twitter.com account on Wednesday and re-tweeted a fan’s photo of Duff, which featured the caption, “hilary duff is flawless.”

 He then followed up the post by writing, “Don’t be that stupid d— that loses the love of your life forever. Like me… I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to better myself to get back to her. I don’t care what ANY of you think.”

  Asked by a follower if he was referring to Duff, he simply replied, “sure am.”

  Carter’s confession comes two months after Duff announced her separation from Comrie, the father of her son Luca, who turns 3 later this month.


I am pretty sure that Aaron Carter is 50 Shades of Crazy after ready this article and looking at his tweets and everything. For all your youngsters that read this and have no idea who he is, let me give you a quick history lesson. Aaron Carter was a pint sized pop superstar in the late 90’s early 2000’s, dated Hilary Duff, dated Lindsay Lohan, Nick Carter’s younger brother. That is about all you need to know about him, basically the Bieber of that time but he never got to Bieber status.

Now here Aaron goes, popping off about how Hilary was the love of his life and all of this other bullshit. Does anyone care? I can tell you one person who doesn’t care at all. Hilary Duff doesn’t care. Anyone remember what happened when these two broke up? No? Let me remind you, he dated Lindsay Lohan. Yup, he dated her arch enemy and now wants her back? Yeah, okay.

So far Hilary hasn’t responded and she probably wont respond either. Maybe she will respond with a restraining order who knows. This is probably all just a publicity thing for Aaron to try and get some new publicity for the first time in 12 years.

Aaron oh, Aaron what are we going to do with you? Someone take his phone away from him before he starts telling Lohan he wants her back.