Man Crush Monday: Milo Ventimiglia

Let me start off by saying, if you aren’t watching Milo’s new show “This Is Us” you are really missing out. It is by far one of the best shows on television right now, so get on it!

Alright, now let’s talk about Milo, our Man Crush Monday winner of the week! Milo has been around for what feels like forever. He of course got his big break on “Gilmore Girls” where he played Jess and then went on to “Heroes” where he was one of the lead actors there. He had been able to manage being in the spotlight and continue to at least have small roles on television and movies.

After watch “This Is Us” I became even more attracted to Milo. The show helped me realize that he is actually a great actor with range. Let’s be real when he was Jess he mostly just scowled and said sarcastic comments. I also didn’t like Jess at all but after watching “This Is Us” I am seeing Milo in a whole new light.

One thing about him that I am attracted to is that he seems educated. He speaks very proper and I don’t know. I just think that he is smart. He is also not so bad to look at, which is obviously a plus.

With his little crooked smiled and constantly changing facial hair Milo has won his way into my heart and into hearts of women all over the world.

Happy Monday!

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