Only Henry Cavill Can Pull Off A Mustache

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I think that we can all agree on two things. The first is that Henry Cavill is an absolute babe, probably one of the hottest actors out there right now. The second is that mustaches are fucking gross. They aren’t funny or trendy or whatever you think they are, they are just gross.

In case you can’t tell, I am not a fan of mustaches. Give me a beard, give me a fucking soul patch but keep you and your creepy mustache out of my life.

Henry Cavill is currently filming the latest Mission Impossible movie with Tom Cruise and he is rocking a mustache for the film.

Let me be clear men, Henry Cavill is the only one who can have a mustache and make it look good. Okay?

Look at the photos below so you understand where I am coming from.

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Kal practising his hero pose #NoseNeighbour

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And then the photo that put me on board with this mustache ride, you know what I am saying.

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Man Crush Monday: Henry Cavill

With all of this hype around the upcoming movie where Superman and Batman fight it out, I really had no choice but to make Henry the Man Crush Monday of the week. I mean he is an absolute babe, certified babe, and he is very relevant. It works, right?

Henry has been around for a while now, he was in the hit show Tudors and has played Superman for a few movies, I feel like he doesn’t get enough attention though. I will be honest, I have never seen him act but I assume he isn’t too bad if he keeps getting cast in movies and if he is playing one of the most adored superheroes of all time.

He is the type of guy who can pull off any look. He can have short hair, long hair, a shaved head, he can rock a beard, stubble, or completely free shaven. No matte what he looks good. His eyes are even two different colors! That is pretty awesome if you ask me.

God really broke the mold when he carved this man out of stone.

Happy Monday!

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Henry Cavill Wears Superman Shirt Next To Billboard And Nobody Cares

Cheeky: Henry Cavill posted a hilarious video of him going completely unnoticed as he hung out in Times Square wearing a Superman T-shirt next to huge billboards of his upcoming blockbuster 

Yesterday Henry Cavill decided to see if anyone would notice him in Times Square if he was to wear a Superman shirt and stand right by the giant billboard located there. The funny thing about it? Nobody noticed him and nobody cared at all.

It looks like Clark Kent wearing his glasses could in fact change how Superman looks considering nobody noticed the fact Superman was right there, next to his Superman billboard. Hilarious stuff if you ask me.

I can’t believe that nobody even stopped to check him out and then realized who he was.Henry Cavill is a babe for sure.

To be fair I don’t think anyone in New York would notice any famous person. Everyone is always running from place to place and making eye contact would be something friendly people do, not New Yorkers.

Casual: The Man of Steel star took a close-up selfie next to one of the gigantic movie posters

Coffee to go? The British star even brazenly chilled in a coffee shop, going completely incognito 

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Jesse Eisenberg Will Play Lex Luthor In The Up Coming ‘Man Of Steel’ Sequel.


Please give me a moment while I shutter in utter disgust that Jesse Eisenberg is going to be in another movie. I mean really, why do people cast him in stuff? He is nothing but a short little pompous asshole, sorry was that too harsh? Whatever, over it.

Really though they are putting him next to fucking Henry Cavill? Really? Is that a smart thing to do? They had already put him next to David Franco who every single girl is obsessed with. They also put him next to Justin Timberlake, and we all know how women feel about him. Maybe he was cast because of his unfortunate voice. I can’t wait to see his villain laugh though, every one has a crazy laugh. Jesse is just the fucking worst though, it physically pains me to watch movies with him in it.

I guess that Lex Luthor was a real weirdo so maybe that is why he got cast in the role. I just always figured that Lex would be tall and weird, thanks for Smallville that is all I envision for him.

Anyway, I guess I can’t hate on Jesse too much since he makes way more money than I ever will. I just think that they could have picked a way better Lex, what ever happened to Bryan Cranston being Lex Luthor, wasn’t that a thing once?