Carrie Underwood Duets With Son Isaiah To “Heartbeat”

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I am totally positive that this is one of the cutest things on the internet. Carrie Underwood and her 19 month old son Isaiah singing “Heartbeat”, I really don’t think it gets any sweeter than that.

Without anymore rambling, check it out! It’s only audio but Isaiah’s voice is the cutest.

You have to wonder, will this little guy follow in his dad’s footsteps and be a hockey player or decide to sing his little heart out? Only time will tell.

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Check Out Carrie Underwood’s New Song ‘Heartbeat’ Featuring Sam Hunt!

Yes! That is all I can say about this song! I love every single second of it. Honestly I wasn’t sure how I would feel about Carrie’s new album because I wasn’t a huge fan of “Smoke break” but this is a song that I can get behind.

Let’s be real, is there a better female singer in country than Carrie? I mean Carrie’s voice is just so damn perfect, it is angelic. Miranda is a great singer but at the end of the day I genuinely believe that Carrie could out sing her. Maybe Carrie and Faith can have a sing off and I can decide which one is better.

I do wish that Sam had a verse but having him in the chorus was a nice little touch.

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