Lisa Lampanelli is half the woman she used to be.


When I first saw this picture I thought, who is this skinny bitch? Know who it is? LISA LAMPANELLI!!! Like what in the fuck happened? How did this happen? Well obviously there was some kind of surgery but God damn. Hopefully this isn’t like when Jonah Hill got skinny then he lost all of his funniness. I can only pray that doesn’t happen. Seriously thought, holy shit right? I mean I am used to her talking about three black dicks in all of her holes but I can’t picture that now. Black men like big white women not skinny white women.

There you go Lisa, you look great, keep taking dicks, losing pounds, you are still fucking awesome.

Frankie Muniz suffers another stroke at 27


Right now people are saying that Frankie Muniz is going to join the 27 club and I don’t like that shit. Nearly a year after his first mini stroke he had another one! Malcom what is going on?! I fucking love Frankie Muniz, he was one of my first serious celebrity crushes so this just breaks my damn heart. During his last stroke the actor now drummer of the band Kingsfoil decided to live a life without drugs or alcohol.

I am just hoping this pint sized hottie can not get those strokes anymore and making me worry!

You will always be Malcolm to me and you can make it through this!