Turns Out Zayn Malik’s Head Tattoo Was Fake…

Two days ago Zayn Malik went on stage  to preform some songs on Jimmy Fallon and know what was missing? That obnoxious head tattoo that he posted on his Instagram a few weeks back. Well it is either fake or Zayn has been using cover up to hide the mistake, but I am going with that it was fake.

It’s strange, for someone who said he was sick of getting attention and being famous, he sure does a lot of things to get attention. Getting in Twitter wars with his former One Direction mates, posting fake pictures of a head tattoo, seems like he is someone who would like to constantly have all eyes on him, just saying.

I must admit I am pretty glad that tattoo was fake because it was fucking awful.

Are you glad that the head tattoo was fake?

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Zayn Malik Gets A Head Tattoo

I mean okay. I guess he really wants to get away from that boy band image. What better way to do that than get a head tattoo, right?

How bad did this hurt? That is what I want to know, I have no idea how someone could even get a tattoo right there. Listen I understand that this is an ode to his mother, I understand that but, it looks fucking stupid.

Zayn is one of those artsy guys, I get that. He is probably a little too artsy for my taste but this tattoo is fucking stupid. I thought Bieber’s neck tramp stamp was bad, but this one, this one is awful.

Stop with that tattoos please. We understand you no longer want to be remembered as a boy band member but don’t ruin your face. Please and thank you.

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Chris Brown Gets A New Tattoo On The Back Of His Head

Hey Chris, the back of your head looks ridiculous!

Look at him already placing his head down in shame because he knows that he just made a fucking mistake. I don’t know if there is a contest going on about who has the dumbest tattoos but between him and Bieber, I am not sure who the winner is.

Wait, Chris Brown is the winner because he got a tattoo of a woman who looks like she was beaten after he beat Rihanna. Chris Brown is also the ultimate piece of shit, so he automatically wins at having the worst tattoos out there.

Just another thing to add on the list of things I don’t like about Chris Brown.

  1. Woman beater
  2. Anger management issues
  3. Too much autotune
  4. Doesn’t sing live at concerts
  5.  Stupid tattoos

The list could go on and on but that is all that I have.

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