Hayden Panettiere Shuts Down Rumors After Being Seen Without Her Ring

Missing rings don’t mean the end of relationships. Blessed to be with my beautiful family ūüôŹ

Yesterday Hayden was spotted walking around New York City without her engagement ring and people immediately began to speculate. It is been known that Hayden has been in and out of treatment for postpartum  depression for the past year or so. She has been open about it and I truly applaud her for deciding to put her mental health first.

So of course, what do people do when they see her out for the first time? The first time since coming out of treatment?

They shove cameras in her face and start to speculate about her relationship with her partner Wladimir Klitschko, saying that they are definitely over and all of that fun stuff. What a great way to be welcomed back into society.

Well, Hayden took to Twitter and posted this adorable family photo to let everyone know that just because she didn’t have a ring on, well it didn’t really mean anything.

You go girl! Keep doing you and I can’t wait to see the power and presence you bring to the new season of ‘Nashville’!

Also, can we talk about how good Hayden looks in that picture ? Damn girl.

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‘Nashville’ Gets Picked Up By CMT For Season 5 Renewal!

Hey ‘Nashville’ fans, we have been heard!

It looks like the fan favorite ‘Nashville’ has officially been picked up by CMT for the fifth season. All of the actors are set to be back as well, they were all signed on for a few more seasons anyway, so hopefully they all decide to come back!

I would like to thank everyone to shared out my article “This Is Why ‚ÄėNashville‚Äô Shouldn‚Äôt Be¬†Cancelled“, I was told that people all the way up in the ABC higher executive offices had read it.

Shout out to CMT for picking up a show that deserved at least a proper finale! No word on how many seasons they were picked up for but one thing is for sure, there will be more ‘Nashville’ in our lives!

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This Is Why ‘Nashville’ Shouldn’t Be Cancelled

So, as many people know around this time every year, after the May sweeps shows get cancelled, new shows get picked up by different stations, and shows also get renewed. ABC cancelled a lot of shows, a lot of shows that people seemed to really enjoy too. Of course they kept their Thursday night line-up, you can’t mess with Shonda’s shows, but they got rid of beloved show, ‘Nashville’. A show that is a great drama about country music, with leading ladies Connie Britton and¬†Hayden Panettiere, along with a great supporting cast.

The music, the storylines, and the acting has always been on point. So why did ABC cancel it? According to them the amount of viewers weren’t great, and they wanted to make room for some new shows. Listen, the ratings may have dipped but it was simply because the storylines had to change due to one of the main actors putting her health over her career, which is something we should all applaud. When Hayden left for a few episodes, the rest of the cast really picked it up with their acting and singing, it wasn’t like the show fell flat.

Since the news broke of the show not being picked up for another season, social media has been absolutely insane. They have the hashtag #BringNashvilleBack trending and last night along there more than 40k tweets about wanting the show to be brought back.

There have been reports that other stations have been looking to pick up ‘Nashville’ but who knows how true that is. Although when Fox made the mistake of cancelling ‘The Mindy Project’ Hulu swooped in and saved the day, so it is possible, right? More people are starting to tune into the internet television streaming sites than cable network anyway.

The truth is that this cast is extremely talented, from their singing to their acting, they can kind of do it all. Right now they are actually on a ‘Nashville’ tour which brings ABC money, I don’t see them mentioning that at all though. Great attendance, ticket sales, all of that is great but apparently the studio doesn’t think that this show is worthy of another shot, which is a shame.

Remember when NBC¬†cancelled ‘Friday Night Lights’ but fans sent a bunch of light bulbs to the studio to keep the lights on, so it was picked up again? Maybe we can send a bunch of guitar picks to the ABC studio or something.

There is still so much to this story that needs to be wrapped up, the fans and the characters on the show deserve the closure, especially after watching the show for four years.

Hulu, Netflix, CMT, literally anyone out there, pick up ‘Nashville’, people will watch and fans deserve a final season.

The worst part is, knowing ABC they are going to make ‘The Bachelor’ or ‘Bachelorette’ extend into Wednesday because unfortunately “reality” shows are cheaper.

Both Connie and Hayden have been nominated for Emmy’s, and I believe Golden Globes. This is a nominated show, it is just awful to see that ABC doesn’t care about substance anymore.

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Hayden Panettiere Stuns At The 2016 Critics’ Choice Awards!

Radiant: Hayden Panettiere wows as she returns to the red carpet at Critics' Choice Award after treatment for postpartum depression

Hayden Panettiere has been through a bit of a tough time recently. She checked into rehab for postpartum depression but look at her.

This is her first event since checking into the treatment facility and she looks absolutely radiant. That dress is gorgeous and her make up is on point. Honestly these pictures do not do her justice, she looks a bit washed out but it is just the lighting, don’t worry.

God news for all of us it has been confirmed that she will be back on ‘Nashville’ for the fourth season’s 14th episode which will air in April.

Check out how gorgeous she looked!

Daring: Her chiffon dress featured delicate spaghetti straps and wrapped sections at the bust, highlighting her cleavage

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Hayden Panettiere Checks Into Treatment Center For Postpartum Depression

Hayden Panettiere Nashville Season 4

People.com¬†reported that the actress ‚Äúis voluntarily seeking professional help at a treatment center as she is currently battling postpartum depression.‚ÄĚ

I believe that this is actually a really big step forward for women who have dealt with this issue before. I remember when Brooke Shields mentioned it Tom Cruise went crazy and kind of made it a nonissue, which isn’t fair. Now, Hayden is going through this without a crazy Tom Cruise to talk down about the issue and it is important. This is an actual issue the women, not just celebrity mothers, deal with.

I find it interesting that her character on Nashville is actually going through the exact same thing. It is almost like life intimidating art in a way. Although that is unfair to say, I just find it interesting that it is both going on at the same time.

As far as the filming schedule for the show in concerned the producers have stated that it is a fluid situation but they are working around it. Hopefully they don’t get rid of Juliette completely because last season was a bore without her. I know she needs to focus on herself, but as a viewer I hope they don’t write her out too much.

In other news, hey ABC how about you give Nashville some of the attention it deserves! You have other shows than just your Thursday line up! Yeah I am calling you out ABC!!

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Steven Tyler Will Guest Star On ‘Nashville’

Steven Tyler to Guest Star on Nashville


Oh hell yeah! I can get behind the guest star. Steven Tyler is absolutely incredible. He is such a nice guy and considering he almost died due to drugs, he has made a serious comeback.

‘Nashville’ is one of my favorite shows and knowing that he is going to be on it makes it that much better. Let’s be real, don’t we all love a good night time soap opera every now and then?

Here’s to hoping this seasons of ‘Nashville’ moves faster than the last.

Hayden, you look bitchin’.

Hayden Panettiere & Fianc√© Wladimir Klitschko Expecting First Child!

ImageNow I am not exactly sure how true this report is since nothing has been confirmed so I guess I should say that Hayden is allegedly pregnant with her first child. For a while I went through the stage of hating Hayden for really no reason. I always thought that she tried too hard to get into the spotlight and all that bullshit, but now I like her. Since watching her in ‘Nashville’ I realized that she actually has some serious talent in both singing and acting.

Now if her and Wladimir are actually expecting I feel sorry for her. Not because she is young, not because of anything like that. Simply because of his genes. Now I used Google to help with this and apparently Wladimir stands at a towering 6’6″ and little Hayden stands at 5’0″. That baby is probably going to be huge, just born a straight up giant, poor Hayden.

Good for them though, right? Hayden has always dated older men, always. When she was like 15 she was dating Stephen Coletti, who  was roughly 21, then she went onto Milo Ventawhateverhislastnameis. Then she landed herself with a giant Ukrainian boxer who is a solid 12 years older than her.

Congrats to the happy couple and if the reports aren’t true, then I take it all back!