Britney Spears Shows Off Her Abs In Hawaii

It has been a long time since we have seen Britney Spears this happy and healthy!

Right now the Princess of Pop is currently taking a vacation with her family in Hawaii. Oh she is also totally slaying the white bikini that she is wearing.

Britney is 35, she has had two children, and she still has one of the best bodies in Hollywood.

Continue to slay Brit, I love this version of you!

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Zac Efron Is Looking Hotter Than Ever In Hawaii

zac efron shirtless hawaii more ripped than ever 15

God bless Zac Efron and his perfect body. There is really no story here, I just want to appreciate this man. God knew what he was doing when it came to Efron. I mean, have mercyyyy!

I wish Zac only filmed movies in Hawaii because of all these hot ass shirtless pictures.

Thank you Zac for looking the way that you do, I love you.

zac efron shirtless hawaii more ripped than ever 06

zac efron shirtless hawaii more ripped than ever 01

zac efron shirtless hawaii more ripped than ever 02

zac efron shirtless hawaii more ripped than ever 13

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Zac Efron Makes Golfing Look Good

zac efron golfing in hawaii 21

Thank you for posting these pictures because I have never been so excited to watch anyone golf in my life. Golf is by far the most boring sport on the planet but with Efron playing, well I could watch it all day.

Is there anyone hotter than Zac Efron? No really, I am wondering because I dont’t think that there is. Channing Tatum is up there but Efron, there is just something about him. Maybe it is those bulging muscles, his blue eyes, or the fact we know he is a bad boy but tried to hide it for so long. Alright he is a reformed bad boy.

Efron you keep playing golf and I will keep watching. Also please always wear those tight shirts.

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zac efron golfing in hawaii 01

zac efron golfing in hawaii 18

zac efron golfing in hawaii 07

Britney Spears Works It In Her Bikini


I think we can all agree that Britney is back and looking better than ever! She is looking healthy in this picture and her eyes don’t look dead! Now if you don’t understand what I mean by that, she doesn’t look like a robot, that simple. Miss.Spears is on a family vacation in Hawaii with her two sons and her boyfriend and she decided to post this picture on Facebook. Bravo Brit! You look incredible!

Although her singing still isn’t where it once was she is getting back to her beautiful, healthy looking self. Although it is a bit blurry her hair is even looking good! I have said since she decided to go V for Vendetta her hair has never looked the same. Now it is looking good though!

Here is to an incredible 2014 Brit, stay happy and healthy!

One final thought: It’s Britney Bitch.