Harry Styles Announces World Tour!

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Get ready! Harry Styles is about to take over the world!

That’s right, the former One Direction singer is taking his act worldwide and I think that we can all agree, One Direction is over. They had a nice run but all of the guys are busy either being dads or with their solo careers.

Harry’s tour is starting up in San Francisco in September then ending in Japan in December. Just a quick tour around the world, no big deal.

He isn’t headlining an arena tour but I am assuming that next year he will have a bigger tour, this is just to get his solo career off the ground.

See Zayn, you have to actually perform in order to continue having success.

Get it Harry!

Tickets go on sale on May 5th, I suggest you get them right when they go on sale because they will sell out immediately.

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Watch Harry Styles Perform “Sign Of The Times” & “Ever Since New York” On ‘SNL’

Harry Styles solo is way hotter than Harry Styles in One Direction. I want to throw that out there right now.

I know I am a bit behind on writing about Harry’s incredible ‘SNL‘ performance, I apologize but I am doing it now!

Saturday night he was obviously the musical guest on ‘SNL’ and he did a great job. His voice is just incredible and homeboy knows how to sing live, something Zayn doesn’t know how to do anymore.

Is anyone feeling a John Mayer type of vibe with solo Harry?

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Harry Styles Announces Debut Album Release Date & Track List!

It’s coming everyone, brace yourselves, solo Harry Styles is coming!

Today, Harry announced that he will be dropping his first solo album on May 12th, and it will be a self-titled album. Smart move in my opinion, just put your name on it, let it be.

His lead single “Sign Of The Times” is incredible so I am assuming that his album will have a very similar feel to it. There will only be ten songs on the album, which is a bit of a bummer but he could have one of those Target exclusive albums where there are bons songs! It’s possible.

One thing that has the internet buzzing is the song titled “Ever Since New York” which fans are assuming could be about his relationship with Taylor Swift. In case you weren’t aware she has written songs about Harry and one song from her ‘1989’ album was “Welcome To New York”, it’s possible.

So mark it down, May 12th, solo Harry Styles is going to take over the world.

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Harry Styles Drops First Solo Track “Sign Of The Times” – Listen Here!

Damn Harry Styles, you just killed it with your first solo song.

Personally I think it might be the strongest first song from any of the former One Direction boys. We all know Zayn had his “Pillowtalk” song, Niall with “This Town”, and then Louis with “Just Hold On”.

I really thought that Niall’s song would be my favorite out of all of their debut singles but Harry’s is really close. Of course we have yet to hear anything from Liam , but it will definitely be hard to top the two I previously listed.

Harry’s song is already number one on ITunes and will play on all IHeart sponsored stations at the top of every hour.

Get ready for the Harry Styles take over.

As far as his first solo album, Harry said to expect it soon but there isn’t a specific date just yet.

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Harry Styles’ First Single “Incredible” Drops April 7th


Everybody it’s happening. Harry Styles is coming out with a new single that will be out on April 7th, so be prepared for Twitter to implode on itself.

Harry wrote a lot of songs for One Direction so it will be interesting to see what sound he decides to go with.

Personally, I can’t wait until all of these former One Direction members are going head to head on the charts, I am excited about it. Plus I can’t wait for all of them to say that One Direction will eventually get back together because we all know it’s a lie.

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Harry Styles Is Reportedly Working With Superstar Pop Producer Max Martin& Bruno Mars

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Bret Hartman/CBS

Watch out world because solo Harry Styles is going to be something out of this world. I know that everyone fell over when Niall came out with his first solo song (I know I did) and women threw themselves at Zayn  when his solo record came out. Harry Styles though? He is about to come out with next level stuff.

Alright, well it hasn’t been confirmed but Robbie Williams was on a talk show and spilled the beans that Harry has been working with Max Martin and Bruno Mars. You can act all impressed about Bruno but Max Martin is legendary. There is no question about that. If you don’t know who Max Martin is, go Google him. He has produced for everyone, I mean most of the songs you hear on the radio are most likely from him.

Personally I am excited to hear what solo Harry sounds like. I don’t think he will be the next Justin Timberlake , I am sorry but I don’t, but I do think he will have a good run!

So as of right now, Liam is working with Pharrell, Harry is working with Max and Bruno, Niall is writing his own music, and Louis is being a dad. May the strongest solo act win.

No I won’t include Zayn into that mix, traitor.

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Harry Styles Steps Out And Shows Off His Short Hair

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I will admit, I am still not on the whole Harry Styles is the most beautiful man ever train, but I will say that I can appreciate when he looks good. Like these pictures? Hot damn, that’s really all I can say. He actually looks like he has showered, he has his hair all slicked and looking hot. I can appreciate this.

Keep your hair short, and always wear a suit Harry. That is my advice.

Also, when is your solo stuff coming out? I feel like it is going to be straight fire!

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Niall Horan Officially Signs Solo Recording Contract!

Getty Images

Well it looks like One Direction is not coming back, right? Niall Horan has officially signed on with Universal Music to start his own solo album. As of right now Harry, Liam, and Niall are all now solo artists.

According to reports, Simon isn’t very happy with Niall since he was supposed to sign with Simon’s SyCo label, but Universal came in with a better contract so he went with them!

Niall has reportedly put together a good amount of songs and is trying to steer away from the boy band feel that he has been a part for the last couple of years. He has reportedly also been working with his good friend Ed Sheeran, so I am guessing that Niall is going to go that route.

Congrats to the singer though! I didn’t expect him to jump off the One Direction boat so quickly but I can’t wait to hear his new stuff!

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Check Out Harry Styles On The Set Of ‘Dunkirk’

I feel like it is pretty safe to say that Harry Styles is officially doing his own solo thing. He is acting in a Christopher Nolan movie, alongside Tom Hardy, and he signed his own solo recording contract. I mean, all of the signs are there, goodbye One Direction.

I think that the haircut is a very good look on Harry though, I know everyone loved his long hair, but he just kind of looked like he didn’t shower. At least in these photos he has short hair and is dirty, plus he is on set so he is supposed to look a mess.

How do you like the hair though, and are you excited for Harry’s acting career?

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So How Much Was That Solo Record Deal That Harry Styles Signed?

If you can remember, last week Harry Styles broke the internet because he signed a solo recording contract meaning that he will most likely no longer be making music with One Direction. Let’s just put it out on the table, One Direction is probably over.

Anyway, want to know how much that recording contract was worth?

Brace yourself.

It was worth 80 million for three solo albums. So even though there probably won’t be anymore One Direction albums, at least you have three Harry Styles solo albums to look out for!

Are you excited for the solo music or are you going to miss One Direction too much to truly appreciate it?

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