Richard Sherman Showed Up To A Press Conference Dressed As Harry Potter

Why did Richard Sherman show up to a press conference dressed as Harry Potter? I don’t know. Maybe because he is actually a really funny guy. Of course on the field he is very loud and in other player’s face, but he is actually a really smart guy.

I know that this is probably all Halloween fun but I am a big fan of this move, I can appreciate it.

Sherman also announced that Quidditch is harder than football and he has decided to fully follow his heart and play that.

The NFL will miss you Richard, good luck on your Quidditch dream!

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Actor Alan Rickman Loses Battle With Cancer At 69

Today Alan Rickman lost his battle with cancer as he passed away peacefully in his London home.

Alan was an incredible actor, someone who could play any type of character. He could play the villain, he could play the nice guy, he was such a chameleon with his roles and an actor that was looked up to.

He was one of the few actors that you never heard a bad thing about, people only praised him for his talent his work with different charities. He will absolutely be missed.

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Check Out Daniel Radcliffe Rapping Eminem’s ‘Real Slim Shady’ At Karaoke

Damn Harry Potter this is some magic right here. Look at Daniel just going out there and straight up killing it on the mic. Maybe he should have been a rapper instead of Harry Potter. Can you imagine that? What about a rapping Harry Potter.

Good job even though you couldn’t keep up with Eminem’s flow at one point, you did a great job Daniel! Keep the karaoke coming!