Watch Usher Perform “No Limit” On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Usher is back y’all and it is time to give his new music a chance. To be real, is ‘No Limit’ his best song on the new album? No. He has much better songs but people only want dance music now. So it’s your fault, not Usher’s fault.

Of course songs like “Yeah”, “U Got It Bad”, and “Burn” will always be classics. Always, but he needs new music to perform!

So please, give his music a chance because Usher is a legend. He also dances and sings live, so kudos to him for that.

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Usher Releases New Album ‘Hard 2 Love’

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Hello everyone, I have an important announcement. Usher Raymond is back! I mean he is seriously back, Usher’s new album is absolutely incredible. It is like old Usher, yes there are some club songs but he is bringing back his old R&B sound which is something that I can totally get behind.

I have to say, my favorite song on the album is “Stronger” for sure. It is a fun dance hit but it isn’t too much, I don’t understand if that even make sense. The “Hard 2 Love” is the other great one but in reality this is a very solid album.

Usher is back, life is good, go stream and buy the album!

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