The ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Soundtrack Features Nick Jonas, Nicki Minaj, John Legend, & More!

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There is a 100% chance that I will no be seeing this movie but there is a pretty good chance that I am going to need some of the songs off of this soundtrack.

I already know that I don’t like the Zayn  and Taylor Swift song. Their voices just don’t mesh well together in my opinion. Maybe if he didn’t sing so high it would have worked out a little better, but he did and now it is ruined.

This Nick Jonas and Nicki Minaj collaboration though? Why didn’t we know about this sooner! I know that they thought they could probably get more publicity through Zayn and Taylor (which they were right about), but I bet Nick and Nicki’s song is going to be fire.

Having Halsey on the soundtrack is also a big step in the right direction for all parties involved. She also announced it will be released on Friday, so we will be able to hear it sooner rather than later!

Some other notable names on the list, John Legend, Sia, Tove Lo, The Dream, and Anderson East.

The soundtrack will be released the same day as the movie, February 10th.

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Bono, Halsey, DJ Khaled & More Team Up For AIDS Awareness Song On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Jimmy Kimmel is one of the best in late night, next to James Corden of course, so he decided to make a few calls and bring in some big named celebrities to help raise awareness for AIDS.

Jimmy and Bono teamed up for the (RED) campaign for the second year in a row, the campaign raises money to fight AIDS, and continue to raise awareness. So who better to bring in awareness than some of the hottest celebrities in the world, right?

Celebrities like Julia Roberts, Channing Tatum, Halsey, DJ Khaled, Brandon Flowers (front man for The Killers), Kristen Bell, and Neil Patrick Harris came out to sing a song called “We’re Going to Hell”.

Check out the catchy tune and be sure to go to to learn more!

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Music Monday : “Closer” – Boyce Avenue ft Sarah Hyland

Boyce Avenue has been on my radar for a long time, they have some of the best covers that I have ever heard. No seriously, go check them out because they are absolutely incredible. Sarah Hyland though? I knew she had incredible comedic timing but I had no idea that she could sing, so that is an amazing surprise.

Most people are aware that “Closer” is one of the biggest songs of the year but this cover is just as good as the original if you ask me.

Shout out to Sarah for showing off her pipes though! Sing it girl!

if you know anyone who should be featured on my Music Monday please let me know through the Facebook or Twitter links below!

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The Chainsmokers Reveal What Blink 182 Song They Beat To Death In Tuscon

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As everyone knows, “Closer” by The Chainsmokers featuring Halsey has been one of the biggest songs of the summer, in my opinion probably the year. You can’t go wrong with this song, it is just the perfect bop. A lot of it is relatable, about that love that you let go and kind of hate yourself for letting them go.

One of the lyrics that everyone loves to scream sing is “play that Blink 182 song that we beat to death in Tuscon”, so what song is it? I had been thinking about that since the day the song was released. Blink has so many good songs that you could potentially beat to deal.

Drew, the male vocalist in The Chainsmokers took to Twitter to answer that question!

So there you have it! Either one would be good and I would definitely beat to death in Tuscon too!

Real question, how do you steal a mattress, that is something I would like to know more about.

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Let’s Relive The Chainsmokers & Halsey Performance From The 2016 VMAs

I am sorry that I didn’t cover this yesterday. I had a very busy day thinking about Britney’s performance and how mad I was at the VMAs for not putting respect on her name. Now that the smoke has cleared, I want to talk about one of the most underrated performances of the night, in my opinion at least.

“Closer” is one of the best songs of the summer and The Chainsmokers and Halsey did an incredible job performing it on Sunday’s award show. People are talking about how the lead singer of The Chainsmokers didn’t sound good live, shut up. You get mad when people don’t sound exactly like their record, you get mad when they lipsync. Just shut up. He didn’t sound terrible. His voice just isn’t as strong, whatever.

Halsey though? Halsey is a goddess. I was lucky enough to see her live in August and she is absolutely incredible. Also kind of looks like Ashley Greene, right? The Chainsmokers guy kind of looks like Joe Jonas too, weird. Anyway, they killed it, their chemistry was great, this song is amazing.

This is my song of the summer.

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Listen To ‘Closer’ By The Chainsmokers Featuring Halsey!

I am into this song, I think that it has a nice little catchy beat, that was my thought until Halsey showed up. Halsey is honestly one of my favorite female vocalists out right now, so when she came on for her verse I realized this song is amazing.

So yeah, I think that this song is really good. It has a nice chill vibe and that is probably what they were going for. I could picture laying on the beach at night listening to this song.

Except guess what, you do get old, and end up going to bed at 9 pm. Sorry for that dose of reality.

I really hope that this takes over ‘Cold Water’ on the radio, that would make me very happy.

Also, new song of the summer? Right?

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Halsey Brings Brendon Urie On Stage At Coachella

I feel like this has been the duet I have been waiting for my whole life, and I didn’t even know it! I have to say that this crowd is absolutely lame. They are far too quiet for this duet. You all should have been screaming your head off. That’s what happens when there are only famous people in the crowd!

Halsey is incredible and I am glad that she is getting more attention for her talents and Brendon, well his range is insane and his talent is beyond incredible.

Now don’t mind me while I sit and cry about the fact I can’t afford Coachella.

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Taylor Swift Shows Off New Bleached Hair

Well that’s a serious change of look Taylor Swift. I wasn’t expecting this to happen .She almost has like a Halsey vibe right now. I am very confused too. I mean she looks kind of badass, very different from her usual all American girl look!

Looking badass T.Swift I kind of hate it, I kind of love it. Truthfully Taylor can do very little wrong in my opinion.

I guess this is her letting us know that her whole ‘1989’ vibe is over! This is absolutely her change of look for her new album. What kind of sound will that be?

Apparently she is trying out this look for Coachella but everyone knows the real queen of Coachella will always be Vanessa Hudgens.

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Halsey Releases Music Video For ‘Colors’ Starring Tyler Posey

This song is easily one of my favorite Halsey songs, I love this one and ‘Strange Love’ I am guessing that somehow they are somehow warped together. Before I go into the music video if you haven’t listened to her album Badlands yet, I highly suggest you do so. All of her songs are connected in some how and I think I just figured out how ‘Colors’ and ‘Strange Love’ are connection. I won’t give it away though. Actually if you read the comments on the video you can figure it out.

Okay, on to the music video. Can we talk about how cute Tyler Posey is? He just seems like a such a sweetheart. Plus he pulls off the preppy boy look pretty well, I think we can all agree on that.

The twist at the end of the video though, my jaw nearly dropped. What a little crazy, although I get the whole attracted to older men thing. I can’t blame Halsey for that one.

That is all I will say without giving too much away!

Check out her video below!

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Watch Halsey Cover Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’

Halsey is absolutely incredible, in my eyes there are very few things that she can do wrong, her sound is just so different. The Badlands album was absolutely genius, you can’t deny that. A trippy album that was about an even trippier story, it was perfect. Considering Halsey is only 21 years old I genuinely believe that she has a lot more ahead of her in her musical career.

Personally I like this version a bit more than the Bieber version. She puts her own spin on it, check it out!

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