Justin Bieber Gets New Neck Tattoo

Let me start off with this disclaimer. Unless you are Travis Barker, Carey Hart, or Machine Gun Kelly, I hate neck tattoos. I think that they are trashy and when you get one, you really don’t have much to lose.

I feel like this is as close as it gets to having a tramp stamp on your head.

Well there he goes again, Justin is back to getting tattoos. I remember a while back when he said he was going to stop getting stupid tattoos, looks like that didn’t last as long as we would have thought. Right now Bieber can do no wrong and I know that, even though I still am not a fan of the new sound. Apparently I am the only one because even my friends who are 24 and 25 love his new stuff, I don’t understand it what so ever.

I will say it is hard for me to see Bieber with this tattoo because it is almost like he thinks he looks hard, like no Bieber you will never be tough, ever.

Anyway, I think this tattoo is stupid but hey, what do I know? I clearly am no longer in the loop.

Do you love or hate this tattoo? Tell me here

Yes, I will admit that I am what they like to call a hater, I will fully admit that.

Justin Bieber Doesn’t Care About His Hair Anymore! Check Out The New Look.

Remember when Justin Bieber used to care about his hair? He used to always be flipping his little kind bangs out of his eyes, then he cut it short like in the photo I posted above? He always wanted to have his hair look good, now I have come to the conclusion that Bieber doesn’t give a shit about his hair.

Today he showed up to the “Today Show” looking like this.

Screen shot 2015-09-10 at 10.49.52 AM.png

I mean he is smart because people are going to continue to talk about his haircuts like they used to back in the day, but what the fuck is this? Pardon my language but I am confused. I don’t understand this haircut at all.

In fact let me step back away from Bieber and his platinum blonde hair and ask a question to everyone. Why is platinum hair making a come back? Why do people think this is a good look. Let me tell you something Jared Leto, the entire Kardashian family, and Bieber it isn’t a good look. Stop trying to make platinum blonde happen it’s never going to happen.

Really though, what the hell is this haircut? He looks like Miley Cyrus. I used to not understand the comparisons but guess what, I see it now.

Justin Bieber is trying so hard to be Tilda Swinton.

Click here and tell me what you think about the hair, love it or loathe it?

So Robert Pattinson Got A Weird Ass Haircut

Featured Image

I will come out right now and say that I have never found the obsession with Robert Pattinson. I mean in his interviews he seems like a cool guy, I mean I guess. I also remember that he dated Kristin Stewart forever so he is probably just as boring as she is. He kind of looks like a foot in my opinion, but hey, I know not many people still find Brian Littrell sexy, to each their own right?

One thing I know that I can’t stand behind is this weird ass haircut. I remember my brother having the mushroom haircut back in the day, we simply told him that it was the half done haircut. This is way worse than that haircut though. I literally feel sick looking at this. He looks like a penis. Yes, his haircut makes him look like he has a penis head.

Does this guy still do movies by the way? I haven’t heard anything about him since that movie with Reese Witherspoon. This haircut wont help him get any roles either, that is something I am sure of!

Zac Efron Gets A Fresh New Haircut


I don’t even care that the picture is blurry as well, what I care about is how beautiful Zac Efron is. Let’s just take a moment to lean back and relax, stare at the picture, and be in love. See that jawline covered in stubble? Well it is fucking perfect, that is that. Plus you can tell he is all buff and whatever under that v-neck t-shirt. My personal favorite Efron look was when he was filming ‘The Lucky One’.

If this is a look for a new movie then I will be seeing it for sure. I mean, I would probably see just about anything that Zac is in, can’t even pretend I wouldn’t.

Let’s hope this whole facial hair, high fade team lasts for a long, long time.

Emma Roberts Chops Off Her Long Locks

ImageLooks like Emma Roberts made the right choice when it comes to chopping off her hair, she looks incredible! The 22 year old actress looks fierce and much more adult like with this cute little haircut. It seems like Roberts is slowly becoming a star on the rise from seeing her in ‘We Are The Millers’ and her character in the new ‘American Horror Story’.

She always plays the bad bitch right? Or the almost bad bitch? That is what it seems like. This shorter hair will make it more believable for sure. She will be able to play any role better!

The thing I don’t understand is why she with Evan Peters, I know a lot of girls love him but I don’t see it. Plus didn’t she punch him in the face once? Or didn’t she allegedly punch him in the face and he called the cops like a little bitch? They probably wont even get married anyway, they will be just like Miley and Liam.

This haircut looks bitchin though and you have come a long way from your Nickelodeon days! Keep up the good work and I look forawrd to see Emma in many more movies to come!