Taylor Swift’s Twitter & Instagram Got Hacked Today!

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(Source)Taylor Swift had her Twitter account hacked on Tuesday by two individuals, with one hacker claiming he would release “nudes” of the singer.  One hacker, who went by Twitter handle “@veriuser,” tweeted out to Swift’s 51.4 million Twitter followers, “Shoutout @veriuser follow him guys’ Fav when done for a follow… Love you all!!!” But that wasn’t all. See the hacked tweet below. The hacker then sent out another tweet that read, “go follow my boy @lizzard :) ” That person, who goes by the Twitter handle “@lizzard,” claims on his Twitter account to be the leader of the “Lizard Squad,” and mentions in his bio the hacker groups “Anonymous” and “LulzSec.” He first tweeted humorously, “Yes, I’m currently dating @taylorswift13.” But then he tweeted out more ominously that he had naked pictures of Swift and would send them out if he reached a certain goal in Bitcoins. Along with a link to Bitcoin account, @Lizzard tweeted, “Will post taylor swift’s nudes when this btc wallet hits 3btc.”

Hackers are the absolute worst, they are always claiming they have nudes. Like really hackers? I am pretty sure that if Taylor Swift had nudes out there in the cyberworld, it would have been released by now. Remember when Nudegate happened? Remember when Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Olivia Munn had all of those alleged nudes leaked? I guarantee that Taylor’s would have been the first to be leaked.

I must admit I am kind of pissed I didn’t see all of this shit go down in live time. I have been snowed in so obviously I have been looking through social media like some kind of crackhead getting their fix, and I missed this! I follow my girl on Twitter and Instagram, so what the hell?! Apparently Hayley Williams texted Taylor about the whole ordeal and that is how she found out.

I must say Taylor had one of the best responses to these hackers.

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Taylor just shake it off, shake it off!