Watch ‘Stranger Things’ Star Finn Wolfhard Cover Nirvana’s ‘Lithium’

Photo: Curtis Baker/Netflix

Let me start off by saying if you haven’t started ‘Stranger Things’ I suggest you do so immediately. It took me a bit to finally sit down and watch it, but once I did? I couldn’t stop and that will be the same for you, I promise. It is going to be nominated for a bunch of different awards, just be ready.

Anyway, apparently Finn Wolfhard isn’t just a great actor, he is also an amazing musician as well! The kid is just beyond super talented if you ask me.

Check out his cover of the Nirvana hit ‘Lithium’, according to his twitter he is going to post another song soon, a full length one too! At first he wasn’t sure which one but it looks like he decided on ‘About A Girl’, another Nirvana hit.

Keep on rocking Finn, I think that this kid has a long talented career ahead of him.

For the record his character Mike is my favorite and if I was in middle school I would totally want to go to a dance with him, but I’m not so this is weird.

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Carrie Underwood Donates Guitar To Benefit Officer and His K9

A dog may be man’s best friend, but Carrie Underwood may just be a dog’s best friend. The country star has donated an autographed guitar to help pay the medical bills for a K-9 officer in her hometown of Checotah, Oklahoma.

According to the Muskogee Phoenix, Underwood gave the signed guitar in support of Gino, a track, apprehension and narcotics detection dog in the McIntosh County Sheriff’s Department. In December, Gino went to the vet for a simple ear surgery and teeth cleaning when his pre-op blood work revealed he had heart worms from a mosquito bite that summer.

“We’ve been going to vets for months, and we’ll be done with treatment in May,” says Gino’s police partner and owner, Kevin Branscum. “Treatment includes pills and injections. We started a pill which he has to take for 30 days, and he has 120 pills to take.”

Other than the pill regimen, Gino also has to have three medical injections starting in March. Branscum says he’s already spent over $4,000 to care for the police dog. Since Gino is privately owned, the sheriff’s department can’t help with his increasing medical bills. But as the community of Checotah has learned his story, they have rallied around Gino and Branscum to provide support. And that includes their most famous resident.

When Underwood heard Gino and Branscum’s story, she sprang into action to help the ailing pup. The “Something in the Water” singer donated two guitars — one specifically for Gino’s medical bills and one for the Eufaula Fire Department to help raise even more funds.

“I’m grateful,” says Branscum, who’s been teamed up with Gino since 2012. “There’s really no words for it. It’s awesome. Being that she’s from around here makes it even that much more special. I was definitely surprised.”

Branscum may have been surprised, but for anyone who knows Underwood, this is just another example of her love and advocacy for the animal kingdom. In 2011, she funded the establishment of an animal shelter in her hometown, and last January, she posted a hilarious Vine video about getting poop on her shoulder while volunteering.

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Alright so I know that the article posted above is longer than the normal ones I post on then write about but I thought that it was pretty important. Let’s just take a minute to not only commend Carrie Underwood for her helping out the officer and his dog, but also thank that officer and dog. A lot of people hate cops lately, and I understand that there are some that probably use their power for evil rather than good. Some cops are good, some are bad, just like everything. So I want to thank the officer for doing what he does, and thank his dog for doing what he does as well.

Let’s be real right now though, I think that Carrie Underwood is an angel. I mean she is easily one of the most adorable celebrities in the world. She can sing her ass off, she donates to charity, oh and she is never really in the media. The only time I can really think about her being in tabloids was when Chace Crawford broke up with her via text, I bet he is regretting that now!

Big kudos to Carrie though for using her celebrity for good. She is a huge animal lover as most of her fans know and she decided to help an animal in need, just such an incredible heart.

Good for you Carrie, it is truly amazing how you have never forgot anything about your hometown. Here’s to hoping that this pup can feel better soon too!

Kevin Branscum and Gino with Underwood's guitar