Man Crush Monday: Jesse Williams

So I was looking through all of the Man Crush Mondays of the past and I realized that Jesse has never been one. For the past two years or so, Jesse has been overlooked by me and I apologize! I have thought he was a hottie since ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants’ but for some reason I kept forgetting to put him in this category.

Well congrats Jesse, your wait is over! It is officially your time to shine as the Celebrities Are Tragic hottie of the week! I am sure you feel oh so honored, you don’t need to tell me.

Honestly, I love Jesse, he seems very smart which is always attractive, those blue eyes don’t hurt either. He just has it all, the way he carries himself, his looks, it is all just so good. He is so damn beautiful.

Truthfully I have a love/hate relationship with Avery, his character on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, sometimes he is awesome, other times, not so much. Either way though it shows the range of Jesse’s acting ability. I just hope Shonda doesn’t kill him off!

Happy Monday and enjoy getting lost in Jesse’s beautiful blue eyes!