Jesse Williams Stars In Demi Lovato’s Emotional “Tell Me You Love Me” Video – Watch Here!

I would like to start this off by saying shame on the Grammy’s for not giving Demi any credit for her latest album. Her vocals are fire and they should be absolutely ashamed of themselves!

Now that I have that off my chest, I am obsessed with this music video. The opening scenes are absolute perfection and although I didn’t love this song at first, I must admit that it has really grown on me, a lot.

This video just made me love it more.

So perfect.

Still mad at the Grammy’s but Jesse’s eyes helped me forget my anger for like six minutes.

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Ellen Pompeo Shares Adorable Video With Son Eli

Image result for ellen pompeo and eli

Ellen Pompeo is totally boy crazy for the newest addition to her family.

It was just reported that Ellen and her husband Chris welcomed a baby boy to their family and used a surrogate. They had kept the whole situation very private and seemed to wait until Eli was a few months before introducing him to the world.

Just last night though she posted the sweetest video of her dancing around the kitchen with her new baby boy.

The couple also have two daughters Sienna and Stella, and they have been married since 2007.

This video is truly so sweet.

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Some ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Want Jesse Williams Fired

If you remember late last month Jesse Williams gave a very powerful speech at the BET Awards, and well, now everyone is mad. Well not everyone, just some dumb ass people who watch ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ and have nothing better to do than start a petition that they think Shonda or anyone at ABC will actually take the time to read.

What are people thinking, I mean really? Honestly Jesse’s character Jackson Avery was pissing me off these last two seasons, so I mean if it was based solely on his character, I could understand that. It isn’t though. It has nothing to do with his performance, it is all about his speech. A speech that he put together about equality, and the systemic racism that is in America.

This specific petition has over 7,000 signatures which I am not surprised about. There are many hateful people in this world.

I promise that this is just making you look back, you meaning whoever created that petition. I feel sorry for you, you have far too much time on your hands.

Shonda did acknowledge this petition in one simple tweet.

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Jesse Williams Makes Powerful Speech About Race In America At The BET Awards

Last night Jesse Williams won the Humanitarian Award and used his platform to put out a powerful message about racism in America. It sounded like a spoken word poem and let me tell you something, I had chills the entire time.

Just watch because I don’t even know how I could write something that would do his speech justice at all.

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Sara Ramirez Leaves ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ After 10 Seasons

Credit: Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Last night Callie Torres scrubbed in for the last time and that is absolutely heartbreaking, am I right? There aren’t many original characters left on Grey’s Anatomy, and as a long time viewer I think I can speak on everyone’s behalf when I say that we hold those long time characters near and dear to our hearts. Callie may have come in during season 2, but again, looking at the cast now she is basically one of the last OG’s of the series.

Callie Torres opened up the doors to a conversation that was interesting. She was a bisexual woman, who fell in love with O’Malley, they got divorced, she then fell in love with Arizona, but also hooked up with Mark Sloan, but her love life wasn’t the only interesting thing about her. The character of Callie was complex, and she was a badass, that simple.

If I was to define Callie Torres she would be a badass surgeon who could run with the boys and a character who had a big heart. That was something that I believe Sara Ramirez did perfectly, showed vulnerability.

Personally I do think that Shonda ruined her character just a little bit in the last few episodes of this past season. She made Callie act totally out of character and be selfish. I will thank Shonda for not killing Callie, I mean that means she could potentially come back for the series finale. She just ruined her character a bit before the send off. The send off, which by the way, was fucking horrible. Callie only had about three lines the entire episode, she deserved much more than that. Again that is my opinion but it seems like Twitter agrees.

Both Shonda and Sara put out statements.

Now let me have my moment while I gently weep that Callie is gone, but celebrate that she wasn’t killed off.

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Man Crush Monday: Jeffery Dean Morgan

I personally feel like Jeffery Dean Morgan is a great actor who has flown under the radar fora while now. Fan bases know him from shows like ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ but unless you are a fan of those shows, there is a good chance that he looks familiar but you can’t place him. He has also been in ‘Watchmen’, ‘Losers’, and ‘PS I Love You’ but again there is a good chance that he has never really stuck.

Last night though he made a big appearance on ‘The Walking Dead’ and recently starred in the ‘Batman vs Superman’ movie which some people love, some people hate.

I am personally just glad that he is starting to get more recognition as an actor. He is a great television actor but I do think he has a lot more potential than he has been given. It probably doesn’t help that he looks exactly like Javier Bardem either, having a doppelganger in Hollywood is usually not a good thing.

Happy Monday though, I hope that this salt and pepper hottie helps start up your week!

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Wilmer Valderrama Will Be Joining ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ This Spring

I have a legitimate question. How does Wilmer Valderrama still get any air time on television? I am one hundred percent series when I ask this question. He isn’t a good actor, he is well past his prime, and he will always be Fez, the end. I get that he is dating Demi Lovato and all of that, but that is literally the only reason why this man is still relevant.

It is well documented that I don’t like Wilmer. I think that has been well documented through my blog, I am not a fan of how he uses young women for fame. Okay, he has been with Demi for roughly six years, on and off. There was that time where he was spotted making out with Minka Kelly back in 2012 or so, but since that he has been seen with Demi and Demi only.

Before Demi though there was the underage Lindsay Lohan who was 17 when he was 23, they dated for about a year. Before that he was 19 dating a 16 year old Mandy Moore. After the whole Lindsay Lohan thing he was linked to Ashlee Simpson who was a young rising star at the time. Wilmer then had the nerve to go on the Howard Stern show and talk about his sex life with each of these women. He explained that he took Mandy Moore’s virginity and it wasn’t like warm apple pie. He then called Ashlee a screamer in bed, things like that I don’t like about him.

Of course people can change but I remember how much of a pig he used to be. How he used these women for his own gain yet somehow is still around. It makes no sense to me.

So Shonda, you have killed a lot of my favorite characters on Grey’s but I have stuck around. I mean you have literally killed every one of my favorite characters, or they got written off. So do my a solid? Can you please kill his character, whoever he is going to be. Don’t give him a lot of air time and please kill him off.

Thank you.

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Music Monday: ‘As Long As You Love Me (Cover)’ Sleeping At Last

So if you have followed my blog at all, you know that I love The Backstreet Boys and not in that 90’s kid nostalgia way. I actually really love their music and all of that stuff. I am a fan. Usually I am not a fan of covers either, until I heard Sleeping At Last‘s cover of their hit song ‘As Long As You Love Me’. The cover was featured on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and oh my god, I didn’t know how emotional I could possibly get. Well put Shonda Rhimes in charge of anything and I will cry.

Honestly I am glad that I found Sleeping At Last because his music is absolutely incredible. Other than the cover he still has so many other songs that are incredible. I highly recommend checking it out because this guy has serious talent.

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Man Crush Monday: Jesse Williams

So I was looking through all of the Man Crush Mondays of the past and I realized that Jesse has never been one. For the past two years or so, Jesse has been overlooked by me and I apologize! I have thought he was a hottie since ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants’ but for some reason I kept forgetting to put him in this category.

Well congrats Jesse, your wait is over! It is officially your time to shine as the Celebrities Are Tragic hottie of the week! I am sure you feel oh so honored, you don’t need to tell me.

Honestly, I love Jesse, he seems very smart which is always attractive, those blue eyes don’t hurt either. He just has it all, the way he carries himself, his looks, it is all just so good. He is so damn beautiful.

Truthfully I have a love/hate relationship with Avery, his character on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, sometimes he is awesome, other times, not so much. Either way though it shows the range of Jesse’s acting ability. I just hope Shonda doesn’t kill him off!

Happy Monday and enjoy getting lost in Jesse’s beautiful blue eyes!

Is Patrick Dempsey Looking Better Than Ever?

patrick dempsey feels magical being part of le mans race 02

I am starting to think that Patrick Dempsey is getting better with age. So obviously I watched him on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ but I have never been attracted to him. Now that he is off the show though, damn he looks better than ever! I mean he has a bit of that gray hair going on but he looking so damn good. Hottest almost 50 year old in the game!

I am a real fan of whatever it is that you’re doing Patrick, keep it up.

patrick dempsey feels magical being part of le mans race 04

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