Watch Lorde Perform “Green Light” & “Liability” On ‘SNL’

For some reason there are still people out there who want to argue that Lorde  doesn’t have any talent. I am not here for those people, those people can go right to hell.

Lorde wrote her first album when she was 15 and now at 20 she is going to have one of the best albums of the year, there’s no question about it. If you don’t like her voice, I get that but don’t take away from her talent, okay?

Over the weekend Lorde performed two songs on ‘SNL’ and she killed the performances. Homegirl sounds the same live as she does on her album, I appreciate that.

Let me know what you think of the performances by clicking the links under the videos!

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Listen To Lorde’s New Song “Green Light” !

Image result for lorde green light

Lorde is back and I am so excited! This song is an absolute bop. It is a bit different from her older songs but I am not here complaining about it. I am all about this new sound that she is putting together.

I am all about this new sound and I really can’t wait to hear more of her new music! It’s been four long years and I am totally here for this!

Tell me what you think about Lorde’s new song!

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Lorde Teases New Song “Green Light”


Guys! It’s happening! Lorde is finally coming out with new music after making us wait four years for new music!

Lorde is one of my favorite female vocalists in the game right now. I know that her voice isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but if you listen to her entire album even her earlier EP’s I promise you that you will find something you like. Give it a chance!

Tomorrow night she is dropped her highly anticipated new single “Green Light”. From the teasers that she had posted it will definitely be more upbeat, which I am totally here for. I will not call her a sell out for changing up her sound either.

Here is your teaser! Tomorrow night can’t come soon enough, I feel like a little kid on Christmas!

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