Ariana Grande Performs Whitney Houston Medley on ‘Greatest Hits’

Ariana Grande ABC's Greatest Hits Whitney Houston Medley Performance

Although I do believe that Ariana Grande is really unlikable she can sing. She does have a voice and she did a great job honoring Whitney Houston, I think that we can all agree with that.

Greatest Hits‘ is seriously my favorite show of the summer. Nothing like watching old and new perform together and do incredible duets, or just bring back nostalgia.

Can we also take a minute to appreciate how incredible Whitney’s songs were and agree that she left this world far too early. Thank you for all the songs Whitney.

Before people start to compare….Ariana is not the next Whitney.

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The Backstreet Boys & Meghan Trainor Sing ‘I Want It That Way’

I am very upset that ABC doesn’t have the whole performance on Youtube, what kind of monster are you ABC?

How jealous am I of Meghan Trainor though? I am really fucking jealous. I will say that she did a great job though. As a lifelong BSB fan I have to give her credit for being able to keep up, dance, and look good while doing it.

Brian’s voice is so strained, my poor B-Rok. If anyone wants to say anything engative about his voice, I will ruin you, remember that.

The Backstreet Boys also sang ‘Everybody’ so all around it was a great night for everyone! Hanson, Jewel, and Tori Kelly were all also featured on this episode!

Also check out the dancing, and singing live. That is how it is done. I am looking at you young performers. You don’t need a backtrack you just need to be able to do cardio and sing. So work on it.

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Jewel & Tori Kelly Team Up For ‘You Were Meant For Me’

So can Jewel and Tori Kelly just team up and record a full album together? Please. That is all I need in my life, just a nice little duet album for all of our listening pleasure.

I think I am going to watch this “Greatest Hits” show on ABC, seems like a show I would be into because I am all about nostalgic music. Having Hanson, Jewel, and the Backstreet Boys in one episode? ABC is trying to slay me!

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