Taylor Swift Sings “This Is What You Came For” !

Photo published for Taylor Swift Performs 'This Is What You Came For' at Formula 1 Concert: Watch

Taylor Swift performed at the US Grand Prix and she pulled a power move, I will say it. She absolutely did. Do you remember all fo the drama that happened between Taylor and Calvin HarrisCalvin HarrisCalvin Harris once it was noted that Taylor actually wrote “This Is What You Came For”? Well I do and I ate that shit up. Calvin of course lost his shit on Twitter while Taylor stayed quiet.

Tonight though? Tonight she reminded everyone that she did in fact write one of the most popular songs of the year. Such a bop.

Check out all of the videos taken by fans that were there! No full video but you’ll get the feel for it!

Slay Taylor, please put out a surprise album too. Thank you.

Really though, such a power move right? She has all the rights in the world to perform it. You go girl, remind people you write that hit.

In case you were wondering, here was her setlist for the night.

1. New Romantics
2. 22
3. Blank Space
4. I Knew You Were Trouble
5. Style
6. You Belong With Me
7. Fifteen
8. Holy Ground
9. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together/Bad Blood
10. Love Story (1989 Tour Version)
11. This Is What You Came For (Piano Version)
12. Sparks Fly
13. Enchanted/Wildest Dreams
14. Out Of The Woods
15. Shake It Off

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