Demi Lovato Slayed Lionel Richie’s “Hello!”

(photo credit: Getty Images)

My lord! Demi Lovato deserves way more credit for her voice, that is all I can say. I have said for years she has the best voice out there. Well one of the best voices, better than most of her peers that is all that I can say. It looks like people are finally noticing too! Twitter went insane after Demi’s tribute.

Now that Rihanna cancelled her performance I would like them to give a microphone to Demi and just let her belt out whatever. She could sing anything and make it sound good, that is something I am sure of!

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Sam Hunt & Carrie Underwood Perform “Take Your Time” & “Heartbeat” At The GRAMMYs

All that I can say about the Sam Hunt and Carrie Underwood performance is holy chemistry! I mean damn these two had so much chemistry it was absolutely insane. I believed that these two could have been potentially in love. I believed the two of them!

They performed a mash up of both of their hits, ‘Heartbeat’ and ‘Take Your Time’. Two songs that are absolutely incredible. I really wish that they would release actual recorded versions of their duets, I would download them in a heartbeat.

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Lady Gaga Looks Fierce On The GRAMMYs Red Carpet

Tonight Lady Gaga is honoring the late, great David Bowie and she also channeled him on the red carpet, that is for sure. Usually Gaga goes a bit overboard on the red carpet, especially the GRAMMYs red carpet, I mean one time she showed up in a fucking egg. This was perfect though.

Can we talk about those heels though? I would break my ankle, my knee, then face plant. You have to respect that she can even walk in those bad boys.

Can’t wait to see her performance and let’s hope she doesn’t actually break a leg!

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The Weeknd & Bella Hadid Couple Up On The GRAMMYs Red Carpet

The only thing that I can say is that this couple looks fierce. I mean Bella is absolutely stunning. If you aren’t away she is Gigi Hadid‘s younger sister but has such a different look to her. She is seriously stunning, her dark features and light eyes are perfect. I love the dress too, the side cutout and the deep V cut.

The Weeknd looks great as always too. I feel like he is always wearing black on black which is absolutely fine. I personally love that look on basically any guy, that suit can no wrong!

Tonight will be a big night for The Weeknd. He has multiple nominated and is performing! I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for this artist.

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