Taylor Swift Sends Gift To Fan After Missing Graduation Party

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Well it looks like a Taylor Swift super fan got the surprise of her life when she received a hand written card and flowers from the star.

Ashley had recently graduated and invited Taylor to come but unfortunately the singer wasn’t able to make it.

She was definitely there in spirit though, sending Ashley flowers and a card!

Taylor is always sending her fans different gifts, I know a lot of people hate on her, but this is pretty awesome, you have to admit that.

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J Cole Attends Fan’s Graduation On Promise He Made Two Years Ago!

J. Cole Attends Fan’s Graduation on Promise He Made 2 Years Ago!

So two years ago @princess_simba tweeted to J.Cole that it would mean the absolute world to her if her favorite rapper was to go to her high school graduation.

J. Cole Promise

Last year she sent him another tweet to check in with him about her grades, just to prove that she was doing well.

J. COle Promise 2

On June 24th, 2015, the young lady graduated high school with a promise to go on to a four year college and guess who was next to her? J.Cole! He even admitted to scheduling his whole tour around her graduation so he could be there for her. Just a casual thing to do for a fan, right? A lot of celebrities won’t even stop for a picture, J scheduled a whole damn tour around this young woman succeeding, how incredible is that?

She even told the world that he gifted her with some of his favorite books and is going to help pay for her college tuition. This is absolutely amazing news and good luck to @princess_simba on furthering your education!

J. Cole and fan

Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Graduates High School!


Do you ever hear something that makes you feel old? I am only in my early twenties but when I read that Hailie Jade had graduated I felt really old. I could remember Eminem’s song Mockingbird that he dedicated to her and all of that stuff. Now here she is graduating high school with honors. Good for her!

According to her school’s website she was apart of a few different groups and played volleyball! All around a good student and athlete.

It is nice to see that even though Eminem is one of the biggest rappers of all time his daughter is still normal. She isn’t like those terrible Smith children.

You go Hailie! Keep it up and don’t become like the Smith spawn!