Beyonce Wears Nearly Naked Dress To The 2015 Met Gala!

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So I am guessing that the idea of the Met Ball is to wear almost nothing, but just enough to cover up the goodies. Beyonce literally looks like she had some super glue on her then rolled around in glitter. I mean she is killing it, she looks awesome so I can’t even be mad.

I wonder if Kim and Beyonce made a bet about who could wear a dress but still cover less of their body. I mean I think that Beyonce wins this one.

I’m sorry Kim but Beyonce had the best see through dress at the 2015 Met Gala!

I wonder if Kanye will say that at the end of the night, you know because he is obsessed with Beyonce.

Jake Gyllenhaal Is Looking Extra Homeless With A Grizzly Beard

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I feel like I am constantly going back and forth a bout how I feel when it comes to Jake Gyllenhaal. There is a part of me that knows he is a really good actor but he also broke my girl T.Swifts heart. Then I think oh he is kind of cute, then pictures like this come out and I think, holy shit.

I understand that Jake likes to call himself a method actor and all of that but come on, this look isn’t good for anyone. This picture was taken in Rome too, isn’t it hot there?! Well he looks like he is sweating so it probably is.

I love bears as much as the next girl that loves beards but this is terrifying. I don’t know if it would look better pixalated but I would highly doubt it.

Jake you look a mess. Gain some weight, cut your beard, and your hair and guess what, you will look good! You make it so hard for me to admit I find you attractive when I see things like this.

I wish I could quit you.

So Reggie Bush’s Baby And Kim Kardashian’s Baby Look Like Siblings


Alright so this is easily one of the strangest blogs I think I have ever written. Usually I try and stay away from celebrity babies because these little humans didn’t choose to be famous, it just happened. Today on I saw this photo posted above. These two look like they could be related right? I mean look at these two babies! They look alike!

It is weird because Reggie Bush had a baby with that girl from the Old Navy commercials that looked exactly like Kim Kardashian. It is just weird, right?

Do you guys think these two babies look alike? Am I crazy or are you seeing what I am seeing?

On a side note I was always rooting for Reggie and Kim, it makes me sad that they never got back together. Well not sad but I always liked them.

Happy 45th Birthday Jennifer Aniston!!

ImageCan you even believe that this beautiful woman is 45 years old? Listen, I know that people will say it is because she has had plastic surgery or because all she does is go to Mexico. I don’t care! Jennifer Aniston is a national treasure and it is time people respect that! When the Brad, Jen, and Angelina thing I was team Aniston, and guess what! I still am!

Honestly, you have to love her quirky little humor that she does in every single movie. Yes, she plays the same character but who cares! Not everyone can be Johnny Depp and play a new character every other second.

Jennifer Aniston is one of America’s sweethearts and most people are probably attracted to her, men, women, doesn’t matter.

Happy birthday Ms.Aniston, and here is to many more years of being fabulous!

Shia LeBeouf Wears A Paper Bag To A Red Carpet Event


So Shia LeBeouf showed up to his most recent movie premier wearing this, a paper bag, a paper fucking bag. This premier was for his movie about being a sex addict or something. It is that movie where they are having real sex on screen rather than the fake sex like most movies have. I am still convinced that in some movies they are really having sex, that is just me though. Back to the subject of Shia LeDouche!

Shia is the worst kind of celebrity right? He basically decided he didn’t want to be famous after he got caught in a plagiarizing scandal, I don’t know enough about it to talk about it, but that is the basis of it. He then went to skywriting his apology which didn’t get a great response. That was when LeDouche decided he didn’t want to be famous anymore.

Honestly, I don’t understand why he would even do this. If a person wants to make a statement just don’t show up to the events. That simple. He is bringing a lot of publicity to the movie and everything but the writer probably isn’t too pleased with him right? Just making a joke about fucking everything.

I really don’t know who LeDouche thinsk he is either, you were Louis Steven and Sam Whitwicky, you are replaceable, I promise.

Ryan Phillippe Gives Lap Dance To Luckiest Woman Alive

ImageSo you know what, I think that we can all agree that in the 90’s the two hottest actors, well young actors wee Freddie Prinze Jr and Mr. Ryan Phillippe. Ryan was a bit of a bad boy though, he always had an edge about him that made him so so sexy. Now being 40 years old want to know something? Ryan Phillippe is still fucking gorgeous, just look at that picture. Look at that mans muscles! I always thought him and Justin Timberlake looked alike but he aged much better than Justin did.

Apparently this woman is Robin Quivers but I would like to call her the luckiest woman alive for a few different reasons. Number 1, she got a lap dance from Ryan Phillippe, I would pay good money for that. By good money I mean a few thousand dollars if I had it. Number 2 she is also one of the only people Howard Stern wont make fun of. That is a big deal, right?

This all went down at Howard Stern;s birthday party too, I kind of wish that Ryan was giving a lap dance to Howard though, that would be priceless.

Anyway, keep looking amazing Ryan Phillippe and keep doing whatever you are doing because obviously it is  really working for you. Like a fine glass of wine you only get better with age.


Justin Bieber Really Loves Strippers


In this photo courtesy of TMZ this beautiful picture of Bieber and his buddy has been discovered and it looks like Bieber really loves his strippers. He seems to take good care of them! He makes sure that they are treated right! Maybe this is why he spent so much money at a strip club, you can’t touch for free, that is for sure. Even if you are Bieber, there is no way you can touch for free!

I guess this picture shouldn’t come to a surprise since Bieber did quiet a number on Miami was he was there. After reading the article I had to laugh though since it said the stripper looked like she could have been Beiber’s mom. So it looks like Bieber has a thing for older women since he started off with Selena, now this old lady stripper.

Right now Bieber is living that party boy lifestyle and you know what I really don’t mind because he isn’t making shitty music. He is just sucking on strippers titties, smoking weed, and will probably never be on the top of the charts ever again.

Jesse Eisenberg Will Play Lex Luthor In The Up Coming ‘Man Of Steel’ Sequel.


Please give me a moment while I shutter in utter disgust that Jesse Eisenberg is going to be in another movie. I mean really, why do people cast him in stuff? He is nothing but a short little pompous asshole, sorry was that too harsh? Whatever, over it.

Really though they are putting him next to fucking Henry Cavill? Really? Is that a smart thing to do? They had already put him next to David Franco who every single girl is obsessed with. They also put him next to Justin Timberlake, and we all know how women feel about him. Maybe he was cast because of his unfortunate voice. I can’t wait to see his villain laugh though, every one has a crazy laugh. Jesse is just the fucking worst though, it physically pains me to watch movies with him in it.

I guess that Lex Luthor was a real weirdo so maybe that is why he got cast in the role. I just always figured that Lex would be tall and weird, thanks for Smallville that is all I envision for him.

Anyway, I guess I can’t hate on Jesse too much since he makes way more money than I ever will. I just think that they could have picked a way better Lex, what ever happened to Bryan Cranston being Lex Luthor, wasn’t that a thing once?

Shakira & Rihanna Release Can’t Remember To Forget You Music Video!

So I am pretty sure that this music video is one of the sexiest videos of all time, I am just saying! I mean you look at this and holy shit, everyone needs to step up their game now. Watching it there is Shakira who is a little hot Colombian fireball, she is wearing next to nothing and is gyrating her hips all over the place. Then there is the Barbadian beauty Rihanna who is the most sexual person of all time thrusting all over the place.

Truthfully this music video makes absolutely no sense what so ever, if you watch this and think it goes along with the lyrics please explain it to me, I have no idea. The reason this music video was made was so men could get off to it and women could question their sexuality. When they are rolling around together on the bed don’t you just kind of tilt your head to the side and wonder if it is wrong you are getting a special little feeling in your special spot? You know what I am saying.

This music video was a bit of a throw back to when Madonna and Britney were dancing against the wall for ‘Me Against The Music’ but it was hotter, just saying.

‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’ was made for once reason, and one reason only. Sex sells. This video is sex, so it will sell.

Watch it and enjoy!