Leighton Meester & Adam Brody Talk About Their Blair & Seth Marriage!

I apologize for that absolutely awful title, I didn’t know how to write it or what to say.

All that I know is that Leighton Meester and Adam Brody did a joint interview, something that they rarely do. Hell, when they were dating they were only spotted together like once then all of a sudden they were married!

Well during this interview something important happened. They both acknowledged the iconic characters that they played in teen dramas.

Adam of  course played the geeky Seth Cohen on ‘The O.C.’ and Leighton Meester played the baddest bitch of the Upper East Side on ‘Gossip Girl’.

This interview is absolutely adorable.

God bless the interviewer for bringing up the things that people really want to talk about.

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Penn Badgley& Domino Kirke Get Married – Again!

If this sounds familiar it’s because Penn Badgley and Domino Kirke got married back in February at a small courthouse in Brooklyn.

How hipster of them.

Well it looks like over the weekend the couple decided to have a larger ceremony with their fiends and family!

I have no clue where this ceremony took place but I can tell you that Mariska Hargitay and Debra Messing were there! So that’s exciting no matter what!

Judging by the photos it looks like everyone had a good time and Domino wore a tan colored dress.

So congrats again to the happy couple!

I am sad to report, no former ‘Gossip Girl’ co-stars were in attendance. Let’s be real, we know that entire cast dislikes each other.



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Penn Badgley Marries Domino Kirke At Brooklyn Courthouse

Off the market: Penn Badgley is a married man. The Gossip Girl star tied the knot with girlfriend Domino Kirke - whose sisters are actresses Jemima and Lola Kirke - in a courthouse on Monday in Brooklyn

Penn Badgley is no longer a Lonely Boy, that’s for sure. That joke is probably going to be super overused in news outlets covering this story. In case you didn’t know, his character on ‘Gossip Girl’ was nicknamed Lonely Boy.

Now that we have that out of the way, Penn and his girlfriend Domino Kirke went into a Brooklyn courthouse today (February 27th) and got married!

Such a hipster thing to do, right?

The couple had a few guests go with them and Domino’s sisters were also there.

She wore a white lace dress and he wore a navy suit as you can see in the photo above. They also look beyond in love.

I am low key upset that Penn is no longer bleach blonde though.

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Penn Badgley Debuts Blonde Hair While Performing With MOTHXR !


So this is new. You know Lonely Boy aka Gossip Girl himself Penn Badgley? Well he is now a part of a band called MOTHXR and he was performing down in Miami with them. It was some art show or something. I don’t know, I am not artsy, I am just here to talk about Penn’s new look.

Is it weird that I am into it? I am really attracted when guys have bleached hair, I don’t know what’s wrong with me! Well when certain guys have bleached hair. I can’t explain it. Let me just blame the 90’s for allowing frosted tips when I was just starting to learn about men. That’s who I will blame.

For the record, Lonely Boy’s new band is actually pretty good and Penn is the lead singer, which is extremely sexual.

I am actually excited to hear more from these guys, and Penn I like the bleached blonde more than the insane curls you used to rock.

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Man Crush Monday: Aaron Tveit

Last night Aaron Tveit threw some grease in his hair, put on his black leather coat, and transformed into Danny Zuko for the live production of ‘Grease’ that Fox put on last night. Of course there is really no one who could play Danny better than John Travolta in his prime, but Aaron did great!

For those of you who don’t know Aaron has been around for a long time. He has been on television shows like ‘Gossip Girl’ and ‘Graceland’. Aaron has also sang in movies, well the movie ‘Les Mis’ which we all know was a huge hit. Him being on prime time singing and dancing next to the gorgeous Julianne Hough seemed to bring him to a whole new audience who has never seen him before.

I have a feeling that we will be seeing this blue eyed, brown haired guy for a long time to come, especially now that people know he can actually sing. He is handsome, has a great smile, and again, he can sing. I am into it. I think you should be into it too.

Happy Monday!

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Man Crush Monday: Chace Crawford

I am oh so happy that Chace is back on television with his new show ‘Blood and Oil’ because I have missed his face. Chace has been my no so lowkey celebrity crush for a long time. Everyone could swoon over Chuck Bass and Dan Humphrey but I will take Nate Archibald all day and twice on Sunday.

Chace looks like the love child of Ian Somerhalder and Zac Efron. Just think about it because it is true. I mean he is just perfect looking. I swear he is one of the most underrated hot guys of the past ten years.

Now, Chace may not be the greatest actor in the world but with those blue eyes, that jawline, and his wild eyebrows there is nothing wrong with that! I mean there aren’t many men who can slick their hair back and not look like a total douchebag (looking at you Scott Disick). Plus he has dimples, how fucking adorable is that?\

I am so happy this man got another acting gig so we can see his beautiful face on a weekly basis again.


Willi Killiams

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Leighton Meester Covers Dreams By Fleetwood Mac: You Be The Judge

Have you ever heard someone sing and think that they shouldn’t have been an actor, instead they should have been a singer. Kind of like with say, Jared Leto. He is an incredible actor but in my opinion he is a much better singer, his voice is incredible. That is how I feel about Leighton Meester and that is how I have felt since Country Strong. Her singing in that movie was absolutely incredible. If you haven’t heard, go listen to some of them.

It is really too bad that Leighton got her start on Gossip Girl, yes the show as good for the first four seasons but she needs to get into music. Her voice is just incredible. Go sing your heart out girl because you killed it, in the best way possible of course!

What do you think of her singing?

Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen are engaged!


Finding out that Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf are engaged is easily the highlight of my day. My two favorite television shows can finally have a cross-over episode..Oh right, both of them are no longer on the air. Well anyway, I want to send a big congratulations to Leighton Meester and Adam Brody.  At first I didn’t believe it since they have only been together 10 months but their reps confirmed it to People Magazine! Truthfully Adam Brody has always bothered me, I feel like he thinks he is a much better actor than he actually is. Leighton on the other hand is flawless, like a swan except nice rather than evil like the actual bird. Shout outs to the happy couple and I hope when the wedding happens there is a big Gossip Girl and a big OC reunion, there has to be right? Although on the grooms side I know that we wont see Rachel Bilson or Mischa Barton since he dated Rachel and threw shade at Mischa. Maybe Benjamin McKenzie will be there, and all of us can rejoice. I kind of doubt that Blake will be on the bride’s side either though, I feel like they just hated each other.

California here we come, xoxo.