Zac Efron Makes Golfing Look Good

zac efron golfing in hawaii 21

Thank you for posting these pictures because I have never been so excited to watch anyone golf in my life. Golf is by far the most boring sport on the planet but with Efron playing, well I could watch it all day.

Is there anyone hotter than Zac Efron? No really, I am wondering because I dont’t think that there is. Channing Tatum is up there but Efron, there is just something about him. Maybe it is those bulging muscles, his blue eyes, or the fact we know he is a bad boy but tried to hide it for so long. Alright he is a reformed bad boy.

Efron you keep playing golf and I will keep watching. Also please always wear those tight shirts.

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zac efron golfing in hawaii 01

zac efron golfing in hawaii 18

zac efron golfing in hawaii 07