Nick Jonas Wears Short Shorts And Opens Up With Wonderland Magazine

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Nick Jonas has come a long way since his Jonas Brothers routes and I think that everyone can see that. He has matured and opened in ways that Disney probably didn’t allow him to at the time.

Now at 24 years old he has released two solo albums, starred in multiple television series, and has a movie that was an absolute smash hit at TIFF about college frat bros. Pretty impressive lineup there if you ask me. He has also never really had much controversy surrounding him, another thing that is extremely tough to escape in the age of social media.

When the magazine asked him about his latest album “Last Year Was Complicated”, he gave an answer that he has given time and time again. It is about being open with him, being open with fans, and being true to himself.

“I am way more connected to my music when it comes from a personal place, and so I wanted to find a way to present those stories and lay them out,” Jonas said. “I really want to see this music resonate with people.” The singer added. “It’s helped me learn a lot about myself, I think vulnerability on any level, and having the confidence to dive into areas of your own life that are tough to speak about at times, is incredible.”

Nick also opened up about his ties to the LGBTQ community, something that over the past few years he has been much more open about when it comes to being accepting. Now, he never said anything against the community before, but now he performs at gay clubs, he spoke after the Orlando tragedy, and he has gotten a bit of a hard time for doing those things.

“I’m totally aware of my intentions in any and all of my attempts to be an ally to the LGBT community: they are pure, and from my heart, and from my passion to be there for a community that’s been there for me from an early age,” Jonas says. “I’ve made so many great friends belonging to the LGBT community, and some of the most talented men and women in the community I’d like to pay my respects to.”

Finally, Nick opened up about being in the spotlight for the past 12 years and how that has shaped him as a person.

“I think I have a balance of it. I accept and understand that my circumstances and my life have been pretty unusual, to a certain degree,” he stated. “But also embracing it as my normal, I’ve gotta grow, make mistakes, in the way that everybody else does, only with a few more eyeballs on me. I don’t think like it’s been forced, and it feels like I’ve grown naturally.”

Bravo Nick, can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us.

Nick Jonas, Wonderland
Nick Jonas, Wonderland

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