Zayn Malik & Gigi Hadid Make It Instagram Official

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The other day Zayn posted this photo of him and Gigi Hadid on his Instagram account, and they are kind of adorable. Right? I mean Zayn is the typical badboy type who seems to be sensitive and Gigi is the hottest model of the moment, obviously it makes this couple super hot.

Seriously though, they are Instagram official which is basically Facebook official for famous people.

I have to admit, huge upgrade from Joe Jonas, Gigi you go and do you.

Also hot long until one of them post something about how they are just friends or something, I give it a week.

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Are Zayn Malik & Gigi Hadid Young Hollywood’s Newest Couple?

First of all, they left Justin Bieber's post-AMAs party together. Just them, no one else. And just look at his face. It's basically this emoji IRL: 😍

Now there is no doubting that if  Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are dating, then it could potentially be one of the hottest young Hollywood couples of all time. Gigi is one of the up and coming supermodels and Zayn is well, a bad boy? I mean he used to be in a boy band, decided one day to just quit and has gone from shaving his head, to having green hair, to getting into Twitter fights with everyone, so I guess that could make him a bad boy.

As many people know Zayn was engaged to some singer named Perrie Edwards but after he decided to not be in One Direction anymore he broke up with her as well. Gigi just recently dumped Joe Jonas too, good move on her part, let’s be real.

Anyway, these two were spotted leaving Justin Bieber’s AMA after party together and judging by the way Zayn is looking at Gigi I would say it’s love.

So, that was on Sunday these two were spotted getting cozy as they left the party together. Then on Tuesday they were spotted out again!

Well, then they decided to hang out on Tuesday evening, too. Here they are trying to subtly leave a venue in LA, together.

So they were on a date, or something and tried to exit at different times, that didn’t work though, because obviously paparazzi are going to stalk these two beautiful people.

Just in case there was any doubt though, TMZ posted this video of the two of them. Of course there has been no word on whether or not they are a couple but check out the video and see for yourself.


So what do you think? A new couple or simply a rebound? Tell me what you think here or @WilliKilliams!

Gigi Hadid Slays The American Music Awards Red Carpet

For a while I didn’t know how I felt about Gigi Hadid for a while. I thought she was pretty, but she was average looking. I thought she looked like the rich girl at school who got mad that lunch didn’t have a gluten free option. In reality though she is gorgeous and with this haircut she just looks so beautiful.

The outfit is on point, the hair is on point, and guess what? Joe Jonas is there as well. As most people k now they recently broke up so it looks like she wants to remind him what he has been missing because my lord she looks incredible!

I am also pretty sure she has an eight pack, that is pretty impressive considering I don’t even have a one pack.

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Gigi Hadid & Joe Jonas Have Called It Quits After 5 Months

Oh young love, it happens so quickly and ends even quicker. Good for Gigi Hadid. I am going to assume that she broke up with him. Let’s be real, she is about to walk the run way at the Victoria’s Secret Show and Joe Jonas is eating cake by the ocean so I mean it makes sense.

Gigi is probably going to be a huge model, I mean she is already one of the youngest and hottest models out there, don’t tie yourself down girl. If you are going to, at least date the hot Jonas brother. If you were thinking Kevin, I meant Nick, duh!

Truthfully ever since I found out that Joe asked her out when he was 19 and she was 13, I have had a creepy vibe about him. I mean that is a serious age difference at the time. It is actually pretty gross. Think about it, that’s a freshman in college asking out a freshman in high school. Okay, moving on.

Call me crazy but I really think these two will be just fine.

Celebrities Are Tragic Facebook

Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Join Gigi Hadid & Joe Jonas On Boat Ride Through London!

Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris Join Pals Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas for a Boat Ride in London

So Taylor Swift has been doing her European leg of the ‘1989’ tour and clearly has been having a great time. Know who else is having a great time, Calvin Harris and Karlie Kloss. Joe Jonas on the other hand? Well he looks pretty damn miserable and I think that I know why. If you think about it, after he broke up with Taylor Swift his career went way down hill. He had the potential to be the Jonas Brother to really break out, but he didn’t because he broke up with America’s sweetheart T.Swift and she wrote a ton of songs to remind everyone that he broke her heart. Now he is dating her good friend Gigi Hadid, who is a model or something, and has to see T.Swift constantly.

Apparently Swift’s parents were also along for the ride, so Karlie wasn’t just a fifth wheel, she was a seventh wheel! What a trooper!

I still can’t get over Joe Jonas though, he is so miserable because Nick is now the hottest Jonas and he will never have a solo career. All because T.Swift completely ruined him.

Seriously though, who is Gigi Hadid?