Check Out The International Trailer For ‘Ghostbusters’!

I know everyone is fighting the good fight to say that this movie should have never been made but guess what, it was made. It was made with a seriously stacked cast too. For all you haters that say women aren’t funny, a big middle finger emoji to you my friend.

In all reality this cast is stacked and I like to believe that we aren’t even ready for the humor that will be in this movie. I hope that when it is released it shuts up all of that haters out there.

Yes the original crew for ‘Ghostbusters’ were great. Hell they can’t be touched because of how good they were. It doesn’t mean you can hate on another cast because of that. They are trying to do a tribute to the originals and that is important to remember.

Give this movie a chance. Stop saying women aren’t funny. Basically, stop being an asshole, okay?

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Chris Hemsworth Joins Ghostbusters Remake As Receptionist

Director Paul Feig’s gender-swapping reboot also features Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones on the ghostbusting team.

Feig broke the news on Twitter, posting a picture of Hemsworth with the words: “Our receptionist. #whoyougonnacall.”

Actress Annie Potts played the original receptionist, Janine Melnitz, in the 1984 film.

The ghost-hoovering team originally featured Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson, while Sigourney Weaver played Dana, a woman troubled by a poltergeist in her apartment.

According to Variety, Australian actor Hemsworth originally passed on one of the film’s male roles as it was too small.

Sources told the industry website and magazine the part had since been “beefed up” after Sony worked on the script.

Production on the new Ghostbusters is due to start later this summer, with the film scheduled to hit cinemas on 22 July, 2016. (

I genuinely can’t wait for this all female cast of Ghostbusters. Now, I do think that they will get so much shit because the first movie was so well liked but I think that the cast is pretty legit. I am also excited to see Chris Hemsworth as a receptionist. He is actually hilarious, I mean, I know he is usually a superhero or whatever but home boy can act.

I can just picture Chris wearing a headset and answering phones, that is really cute. It is also cool that he joined a cast that was mostly female. I mean, not many macho men would do that.

Chris Hemsworth you just get hotter by the day, it doesn’t make any sense but I am going to just let it happen.

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Female ‘Ghostbusters’ Cast Has Been Revealed!


Director Paul Feig is teaming up with Bridesmaids stars Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy once again, this time for his upcoming female-led version of Ghostbusters—and Saturday Night Live stand-outs Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon are joining the party too.

The Hollywood Reporter initially reported the news that the four actresses will be starring in the reboot, and Feig followed up with a wordless tweet featuring a photo of Wiig, McCarthy, Jones, and McKinnon. 

“My favorite thing to do is work with funny women,” Feig told EW in October. “I was like, what if it was an all female cast? If they were all women? Suddenly, my mind kind of exploded: that would be really fun.”

Wiig, McCarthy, Jones, and McKinnon’s reps did not immediately to EW’s request for comment. (

This is going to be good, no, this is going to be great! This is such a solid cast of hilarious females, I can only imagine how funny it is going to be. I mean Wiig and McCarthy are easily two of the funniest women out there right now. We all know they work well together too after the hilarious movie ‘Bridesmaids’. I can picture some people have and issue with it being an all female cast or whatever, but that is people because have issues with everything!

I am beyond excited that Kate McKinnon is singing on simply because she is currently my favorite female on Saturday Night Live. Then again I haven’t watched in a while, so who knows if she is even still on it!

I really can’t wait for this movie, it is going to be incredible!