Gary Shirley Now Has His Own Line Of Condoms.


Oh my good Lord what is happening in this world. If you don’t know who Gary Shirley is, he is one of the dads to appear on MTV’s hit series Teen Mom.  Gary was almost married to Amber before she started to openly hit him in the face, then she went to jail. Gary was the good guy though, took his daughter right in and raised her. Then I see this shit. I mean, it is great to promote safe sex right? Considering what he is half famous for, it is kind of good he is talking about preventative ways to have sex.

When I first saw this post though, I spit out my coffee and I don’t even drink coffee. Gary has had not one but two unexpected pregnancies so I am going to suspect these aren’t the top of the line brand. During an interview, Gary also admitted to trying to use saran wrap as a condom at one time. This is the man behind this condom line, just remember that.

Wrap your willy before you get silly, but please don’t use one with Gary Shirley’s face on the packaging.