Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Halftime Performance Was So Important

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Last night Lady Gaga performed at the halftime show for Super Bowl 51 and she absolutely killed it. Let me start off by saying that before I go into a bit of a rambling rant about why it was so important. No worries, if you just want to scroll to the video at the bottom, feel free.

It is absolutely insane to be that she was able to pull off a performance like that without anyone else sharing the stage with her. I feel like every single halftime show I have seen has always had more than one performer, but Gaga reminded us of her talent and the attention she demands. Bravo on that one. Plus the dancing and that her singing was on point? Nothing wrong with reminding people what talent is.

Okay, now on to why this performance was so important, especially right now. This country is divided right now, that’s for sure, and she went up there reminding us all that everyone should be accepted.

Although she didn’t come right out and say it, her performance was pretty political. That’s why she chose to remind the world that America welcomes everyone, or should welcome everyone.

Watching Gaga up there though, knowing that she has been through sexual assault, bullying, eating disorders, and so much more. She went up there and performed her heart out, she looked incredible, and sounded even better. It kind of gives you hope, or it should if you know her backstory at all.

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t follow your dreams because she was able to make it from being a theater geek to having one of the biggest audiences possible.

On another note, my heart melted when she said hi to her mom and dad.

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Lady Gaga Slays The Red Carpet At The 2016 Met Gala

Now I don’t know much about fashion, I don’t know much about the Met Gala but I know it is a very big deal, I know that much.

I think that Lady Gaga wins for the night though, that is something I am sure of. If they give out awards here then she wins an award. If you can walk in those shoes you deserve every fashion award out there.

I will stop talking, let’s just sit back and watch Gaga slay.

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Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney Are Engaged!

Good for you Lady Gaga, you go girl! Look at her starting off 2015 with a massive bang. I mean she looked incredible at the Grammys with Tony Bennett as her date, now she is officially engaged to Taylor Kinney. If you aren’t familiar with Gaga’s hot fiancee he is on the show ‘Chicago Fire’, he was on the show ‘Vampire Diaries’, and he is a certified hottie.

A little bit of background about the couple was that they met while filming the music video ‘You and I’ and have been together ever since. Just a nice little love story about an art geek and a jock. That is honestly how I think about it. It is kind of like ‘The Breakfast Club’ with the basket case and the jock, right? I mean we all know that Gaga is artistic, and kind of a fucking weirdo, so it fits.

Honestly, I wish nothing but absolute happiness to this couple. I personally enjoy Lady Gaga, I didn’t like her last album but I can respect what she does. Let’s be real she is a legend in her own right. Taylor, you are just an extremely handsome man.

Congrats to the happy couple!