Watch Nick Jonas Sing “Chainsaw” Live!

This is my absolute favorite Nick Jonas song, just listen to the lyrics and you’ll figure out why. Apparently Demi told him to get more real and obviously he did it with this song.

Please radio, please play Nick instead of Justin, I am begging you!

Also, if you want to read my review on the Future Now Tour, click here!

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Listen To Demi Lovato Cover Adele’s “When We Were Young” !

Demi Lovato can do very little wrong, other than blocking Celebrities Are Tragic from posting links on her Facebook page, but other than that? She has come a very long way and I am glad that I have been a fan for so long.

The other night she and Nick performed in Cleveland and Demi covered Adele. Yup, you heard me right. Demi decided to try and take on an Adele song and guess what happened. She slayed. She always slays.

Personally, this is one of my favorite Adele songs and Demi did it justice for sure.

I don’t understand how Ariana Grande gets all this praise for her whistle notes but nobody wants to talk about how incredible Demi is. Right? Why won’t they let Demi have commercial success? She could out sing every singer in the 20-25 age range, right? Probably even higher than that.

Give Demi the radio play she deserves !

Enjoy the cover, it is beautiful.

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Watch Demi Lovato Effortlessly Cover Aretha Franklin’s “Natural Woman”

Can we all agree that Demi’s voice is extremely underrated? Here she is belting out an Aretha Franklin song, just making it look easy, yet people don’t appreciate her voice. I mean she has her catchy pop songs but she can sing soul! She makes it look so easy too.

I will never understand why Demi doesn’t have the commercial success that she deserves. She is just too good for radio, that is my opinion.

When will we get new music? Demi we all know your last album wasn’t the best, you’ve admitted it. Time to put that behind you and put out some osulful music!

Get it girl.

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25 Thoughts You Have When You’re 25 Attending A Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas Concert

File:Demi Lovato Future now.jpeg

What does every 25 year old want for their birthday? Maybe an engagement ring, student loans paid off, their own apartment? All of those things are hard when your single and underpaid, so I settled for some Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas tickets for their Future Now Tour. I love them both, I have seen Demi twice (okay maybe three times) before this show and I saw Nick perform at the Boston Pops rehearsal. So why not, right? Most of Demi’s fans must be in their 20’s by now, right? Wrong. I was so wrong.

By the way, none of my friends could go with me (or they didn’t want to) so I brought my mother who is in her 50’s. I knew immediately that she probably wouldn’t be a huge fan but she is the saint who has gone to seven Backstreet Boys concerts with me, so I figured she was prepared. About a month before the concert I also made her a mix CD of their songs. Yes, I am that old. I think making mix CDs is acceptable.

So my mother and I both took half days from work to get into the city early to grab dinner, talk about life, catch up, great plan. All a great plan.

As we ate we talked about people I went to high school with, one of her favorite pass times is asking me about different former peers and then me bringing up their Facebook pages for her to see them now. The only thing was the the restaurant/bar was filling up with tweens and then it really hit me, I will be one of the oldest people at the concert and my mother, will probably be the oldest.

So let’s jump forward to walking up the steps to get to our seats, that’s basically when the chaos ensues.

1.  Didn’t anyone teach these kids manners? They are shoving me and I have no where to go! (Just one of the signs that I was old for the crowd).

2. “$40 for a shirt?” Mom “Kelli you just told me you were broke, I won’t believe you if you can waste $40 on a shirt of Demi’s face”

3. She’s right, but it’s Demi, I will think about it more. I need to look like I fit in though.

-We get to our seats almost immediately, no way we are spending $20 on food, you won’t trick us with that!

4. Wow our seats are better than I thought! I can’t wait to see Demi.

Mike Posner the opening act comes out promptly at 7:30, so far so good.

5. Mike Posner, please just sing ‘I Took A Pill In Ibiza’.

6. Sings along with Mike Posner to ‘Bow Chica Wow Wow’ knowing that all these youngins have no idea what it’s like to be “three shots deep”.

7. ‘Cooler Than Me’ comes on and you dance and sing to it. Mom “I know this one!” Me “Yeah it came out when I was a senior in high school!” Mom “Oh I didn’t realize it was that old”, sick burn mom.

8. ‘I Took A Pill In Ibiza’ comes on and all is well with the world.

The lights then came up for a small intermission. My mom and I sit there, chit chat, wait for Nick Jonas to take the stage.

The lights go down, there’s one spotlight and there he is! Nick Jonas himself.

9. My God he is the only man who can rock skinny jeans with zippers!

10. Is it weird that I am older than him?

11. ‘Champagne Problems’ plays, none of these kids know what its like to drink your problems away! Yeah relatable to the adults in the audience! Adults meaning me and the parents chaperoning their young child, and the three women behind me who let me know that they were 28, solidarity ladies.

12. Nick Jonas will take Justin Timberlakes place nicely, he can hit those high notes!

Nick walks off stage and the stadium goes black again, it can only mean one thing.

13 DEMI!!!!!

14. Wow Demi, your outfit is very revealing and there are a lot of little kids in the audience.

15. Whatever! Teach ’em to love their bodies girl, you do you.

16. My feet are hurting, I am not weak though, I will not sit down.

17. Oh my God she is singing ‘Fix A Heart’!

18. Demi just sang, she would “take it deep”, I think I am blushing.

19. -During Nick and Demi’s duet of ‘Close’- This is great and all but why wouldn’t they sing ‘Avalanche’?

20. This crowd is so loud, I can’t stop screaming either though.

21. My poor mother.

22. She’s doing it, ‘Skyscraper’, here it is!

23. Demi you’ve come such a long way!

24. Girls, ‘Cool For The Summer’ will make way more sense to you when you’re in college.

25. I am going to resist that shirt when we walk by the merch table for the last time.

What did I learn from this concert? Concerts are the best, it doesn’t matter you age, race, gender, or anything! Concerts are the best.

I know you’re all wondering, I didn’t end up buying the shirt because sometimes a full tank of gas is more important than a concert shirt you’ll only wear to bed or the gym.

So now I sit here at my desk at work, exhausted because I am usually in bed by 10 but smiling because I saw Demi and Nick, spent time with my mom, and took a shit ton of pictures to relive my experience.

If you have a chance, go to the show, well worth it.

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Demi Lovato Releases ‘Body Say’

I have always said this, I’m not but if I was, it would be for Demi Lovato. This woman is seriously so incredibly talented. She can sing, she is gorgeous, and fun fact, she wrote ‘Body Say’ and just wanted to release it. That simple.

Well I just listened to it, and you can too! It’s on Spotify and ITunes music, so go and get on that because all I can say is my lawd. A part of me thinks that Nick helped her write the song but hey, he’s talented too so it all works out!

Demi tweeted out why she wanted to release the song so early too, it makes sense.

So wrote it, liked it and wanted to release it, that simple.

Now there isn’t a lyric video or anything just yet, but I assume that they will be coming out soon.

Here is a live video from Atlanta opening night of the Future Now Tour though, it is very hard to hear in this live version, so like I said go listen to it on Spotify for Apple Music.

Speed it up, make me sweat, yup she said it.

She also released a few more pictures from what I assume will be from the music video when it comes out but I’m not sure.

How upset is Wilmer right now? Probably sitting there crying because he isn’t with Demi anymore.

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Tidal Will Stream Nick Jonas & Demi Lovato’s Opening Night


Tidal is really doing work, they want people to sign up, and they want people to sign up bad.

Demi and Nick‘s tour kicks off tonight though! It should be a great tour, the best friends have announced they will also be performing new songs, along with old songs, they will probably perform a duet or two. It’ll be good, that is something I am sure of.

Tidal, is actually letting nonmembers watch for free! So I can thank Tidal for that one! Well that is according to Billboard, but I couldn’t confirm anything from the Tidal website.

Are you going to tune in?

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