Kristen Bell Hilariously Documents Time With Hurricane Irma Evacuees

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I am about 100 percent sure that Kristen Bell is my favorite celebrity. Okay, I know that is a big thing to say especially because I say it about everyone but I love her. She’s a great actress, she can sing, and she just seems like a genuinely nice person.

I mean she cries when she is happy about sloths, something we can all relate to I am sure of it.

Hurricane Irma struck Florida a few days ago and Kristen was stuck in Orlando since she is filming a movie there. Instead of flying out she instead hunkered down at a hotel where she seemed to have the best time ever.

The best part? She documented it all for us to enjoy.

Kristen explained that a nursing home was evacuated and now they were staying at the same hotel as she was.

The rest is Instagram gold.

Get ready.

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Dining with all my new friends! #irma #hurricaneirma #squad

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Watch Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt Insult Each Other

I guess that this just confirms that the kind of humor I think is funny is talking shit. It is one of my favorite pass times and I would much rather watch a roast than some goofy comedian stand up. So a lot of shit talking mixed with a lot of wit is my kind of humor. Maybe you can tell by this blog, I don’t know.

Well Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are out there promoting their new ‘Passengers’ film and stopped by BBC Radio 1. You know the radio station that has artist perform all of those incredible covers? Yup, that one.

Well they had Chris and Jen insult each other. It’s pretty funny too, it’s nice seeing Jen using a bit of her more crude humor rather than her quirky act that she likes to put on all the time.

Shout to Chris on that final zinger though, he made up for all of his shitty jokes with that one.


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Ellen DeGeneres & Britney Spears Cause Trouble At L.A. Mall

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Imagine walking through the mall, just going about your day, and then you see Britney and Ellen casually strolling by. I would faint. I truly believe that I wouldn’t even have time to pull out my phone. I would just pass out right there on the spot.

Isn’t it so nice seeing Britney being Britney again? After 2007 it was like her management didn’t want Britney to be her fun self, but look at her! She has grown so much in the past nine years and I feel like a proud, I won’t say parent, maybe friend? Yeah, I feel like a proud friend.

Ellen is hysterical as always, I will say that her and Britney have absolutely incredible chemistry.

Watch the video and crack up.

It’s Britney and Ellen bitch.

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Demi Lovato Posts Hilarious Instagram Photo

When you snow mobile with a cold….. Nose tampons from Devonne by Demi coming soon… 🍜❄️

Demi you are an absolute legend, that is for sure. There are celebrities like the Kardashians who photoshop every single picture, then there are stars like Demi Lovato. Not a care in the world.

Demi you’re a legend, keep it up!

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Jennifer Lawrence Is Funny Again!


So for a while now Jennifer Lawrence has been boring, she hasn’t been the wild woman we are all used to. She has been hiding away with Chris Martin and just being boring. Now here she is being her old self, the self that made her famous. Now I used to love J.Law, I thought that she was awesome. Then I realized that her goofy spirit is most likely an act. Now I am not saying she is a mean person or anything, just at the last Oscars I couldn’t stand her. Now here she is being a goof again.

What movies does she have coming out? There has to be something, right? I mean that is why she is back to being this crazy self that she wants the world to see.

Get wild J.Law, I see you girl and even if it is all an act, you are smart to put it on right now.

Demi Lovato Posts Hilarious Instagram Picture Of Joe Jonas & Miley Cyrus To Celebrate 420!

“In honor of our former escapades, I thought you’d like this to remember your first blaze.. Happy #420 @joejonas. #disneyhighclassof09,”

Oh 420, it brings out the stoner in everyone. The now sober Demi posted this photo in honor of the day that is known for smoking weed, more than any other average day. If you can remember Joe mentioned that the first time he smoked weed was with Demi and Miley back in the day. ( Back when he was trying to be relevant again, remember that? Well Demi did, and decided to post this today.

Honestly, Demi is awesome. I wish she tagged Miley too but I am going to assume that these two had a falling out at some point. Probably when Demi wanted to live a sober life and Miley, well she was just being Miley.

Happy 420 y’all!

Bound 3: James Franco and Seth Rogen

I am not going to sit here and say that I am James Franco’s biggest fan because I’m not. I think that if I sat down with him he would just stroke my leg and tell me things about art, I just think he is a bit off. Seth Rogen is hilarious with his weird Grover like voice though. Anyway as I sat down to watch this video they made as a parody to Bound 2 where Kimye have weird sex on a bike. (Also Kim K is digitally altered in that video don’t let anyone tell you different)

As the video started I spit out my coffee and I wasn’t even drinking any. I mean that whole group of friends Jonah Hill, James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jay whatever his last name is, they have all made out at one point or another. This time it was just on film. I like to think that James and Seth make a better couple than Kim and Kanye after watching this.

This was brilliant, bravo James Franco. This was much better than your weird Bieber parody.