FMK: Jimmy Fallon, Chris Pratt, Chris Evans.

Now apparently these three guys had gone and photobombed a bunch of people for a Super Bowl segment on Jimmy’s show. Great, funny, hilarious. Now let’s get down to the real question that I have. Who would you rather fuck, marry, or kill. It is one of my favorite things to play when there is a group of three relatively attractive men. I mean it is a really hard choice, life changing actually.

Let’s get down to business!

Kill- Jimmy Fallon. Most people love Jimmy for his antics and I can’t stand him. He drives absolutely bananas, I think that he is there more for his own gain than anyone else’s gain. An interviewer is supposed to ask questions, not just sit there and talk about how much he loves someone else. So yeah, easy one right there. Bye Jimmy.

Fuck- Chris Pratt. Well I would feel bad about having sex with Chris first of all. He is married to Anna Farris and I love that bitch. So I think if we got drunk and just real quick it would be good. Plus he is a Seahawks fan, I can’t deal with that.

Marry- Chris Evans. Is this even fair if Chris Evans is involved? I mean really, look at him. He is perfect. He has a great jawline, blue eyes, stubble, just absolute perfection that I could be with forever. Plus he is from Massachusetts, which means we root for all the same teams. I wouldn’t have to buy any new jerseys! Oh and he is Captain America, the end.

Who would you pick?